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I'm ready to start this project once I find a programmer that is qualified and within my budget. This program should be secure to prevent hacking and search engine friendly.

The script I am needing created is for me a designer to allow the webmasters I create sites for, edit their site easily without html knowledge. This script will end up having close to 20 features (guestbook, toplist, chat etc) when its complete but I would like to start with only a couple features and add more over time.

Here are the features I need created first and bid on:

1. Guestbook - allows visitors to webmaster site to post their name, small photo, and a message while not being placed on the site until webmaster approves. allows webmaster to admin the guestbook, view ips of posted entry, edit postings, edit photo size reply to postings and have option to either display on the site or not and other general admin with guestbook if I left out. Must be search engine friendly.

2. Members Area - allows the webmaster to create categories like photo set, videos and audio and then upload products into them. The photo set upload should allow them to easily upload multiple photos at one time, creating thumbnails and when clicked it would open up into slide show (just each photo with a next and previous links for that photo set). They can set the size for the thumbnails and the % of the larger photo (so if they have an extra large photo, it will reduce the size in the slide show). When they upload video, they will have the option for it to stream in a flash file so the visitor does not have to download with a watermark or they may just want a download link or [url removed, login to view] will be able to place each upload rather its photo, audio or video with a title, main photo and decription. On the enterance of their members area, you will see the latest upload for each category and a link into that categories contents. Also, on the main site, there will a page to introduce the members area. I need this page to list all categories with the latest uploads as well, but of course not be linked to the actual content because they will need to become a member first. It will also give a count of how many products are in each category. Its very important that this can handle large files , most videos and audios will be 10+ min. It also needs to be able to handle as much content in each category as the webmaster wants. Visitors should also be able to search for content (which will use title and decription to search). The members area should work with .htaccess file and allow the webmaster to view current usernames, reset passwords, delete users or create usernames/password/expiration of membership. (of course option to delete or edit) They can also set the rows and colums.

3. Photo gallery - simple gallery that allows them to upload photos which will resize to their settings and create thumbnails sized at their settings. They can also list how many thumbnails per page, organize them in the order they want them to appear. When they click on the thumbnail , it will bring up a simple slide show with the larger photos and links for previous and next photo. They can set the rows and colums. It should have the option to title or list the file names under the thumbnails and on top of larger page of photo. Search engine friendly. ((one of my sites needs two totally seperate gallery, one for reg pics and one for pics of product she sales, so whichever is the best method to set both up in one admin, they will have two diff templates))

4. Top Site - a place where the webmaster can allow users to upload a banner, email, url, recipical url, and third url and decriptions while also placing the highest referal first. The webmaster can of course , delete edit and create. No banners will post until webmaster approves them. webmaster can also view in and outs of each member and set max banner size. They can also advertize, it will allow them to set how many banners inbetween advertizments and upload serveral advertizment banners and place them in order they would like them to appear within the topsite.

A feature im not sure if you can do, I would like the webmaster to be able to run a test that will make sure all the recipical links still has their url . If it finds someone hs removed the reciprocal link, it will inform the webmaster so they can place it as pending (so their banner will not show on site) and notify them to place the link back on their site in order to appear on the top site. Should be search engine friendly.

5. Create a page - I need to be able to create editable areas with some of the pages I create that would nto apply to the features above. Say I have a page, and their is a a text area I wish for them to be able to edit and a photo. I would go to create-a-page and title the page that these codes will appear on, then create the forms with their settings which will provide me with coding (example: {welcome_photo} and {welcome_text} in which I will place inside the page in dreamweaver.) This would then create a link in their admin which would allow them to edit these areas. I will need to be able to set very specific details for each new form I create , because the text, audio, photo, link etc, must fit within the design i create. I , the designer, will be the only one creating the actul pages, but the webmaster can edit the forms I set up.

1. I create a page in dreamweaver and would like the 2 text areas and 1 photo to be editable to the webmaster.

2. I go to create-a-page and title the page these forms will be on "contact"

3. I set how I would like the text to appear and then set up the photo settings.

4. after I submit it gives me two codes that I will place in the page in dreamweaver, 1. {contact_text1} and {contact_photo}

5. it will create a link in the webmasters admin called " Contact Page" . When the webmaster clicks, it will give them the two options they have to edit.

since I will be the only one to create the new pages, I will also delete my create-a-page when Im finished and if I need to go back in to edit, add, or create a new page, I simply upload the create-a-page back into their server. (if you know a better way pls tell me) Must be search engine friendly

I will be ready to start this project very soon the programmer requirements :

1. must have great feedback

2. comminicate on regular basis and update me

3. answer all questions I may have

4. Accept escrow ( payment will not be complete until the script is uploaded on your server and working properly)

5. Communicate through this site

6. Provide support after the program is send to me to correct any problems or make small adjustments for it to work correctly.

I will be creating the files in detail for you in which I will send you before we agree to work with each other.

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