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255125 Build Joomla Website

There will be much more work if the selected website builder does an excellent job with this project

This is a project for an expert in Joomla. Experienced Joomla programmers ONLY!


Minimum Requirements To Be Considered For Project:

1) Must post message related to this project and experience (if any) with similar type projects. Copy and paste portfolio and self marketing messages not specifically related to this project will be ignored.

2) Must place initial bid. Please note that we will discuss project and bid with you in more detail before awarding project so you will have opportunity to modify bid if needed.

3) Must be able to start project within 24 hours of award.

4) Bidder (the person we discuss project with) must be the programmer that will be performing the work. No Exceptions.

5) So that I know you actually read this text before bidding, put the word BLUE in your bid title.


See attachted image to get a very rough idea about the website:

The Theme is the great outdoors. Canoes, fire pit, fishing.. That kind of thing. We are mildly inspired by the website [url removed, login to view] and will get some of our ideas from that site.

The buttons and background should be theme capable – An example of theme buttons is used on the website [url removed, login to view]

Phase 3 involves Javascript/PHP/MySQL and online booking and registration forms, based on the logic already developed and working inside PDF's we developed written in Livecycle, Formcalc and Javascript.


See attached picture of very rough draft of website. All graphics/boxes and such must neatly line up and have a very finished and clean look to them. Exact size of each box and such is not show. This image is just rough placement and actual size and placement should be done with proper care.


Details: Upgrade our Joomla version 1.56 to version 1.57. You will be working on our server that has existing back end code that has to do with organizing and accepting group registrations. Our Joomla Server currently has two other programmer working in the MySQL backend building an online reservations system.

The upper central main picture is to be a flash slide show. On the left is a transparent window that holds editable text that changes as the pictures change. It should of course be very easy to change/modify both text and pictures.

Group leader login and password is located in the upper right corner of the website and is tied to our Joomla user name and password area for registered users who have completed filling out our group booking form. [url removed, login to view] Simple link to the correct fields is all that is needed.

An important part of this website is that people can see and read about our past events & articles, present events & articles, future events and articles.

past events = 30 or more days old

present events = 29 days old and 29 days into the future

future events.= 30 or more days in the future

Expired events = Those articles marked expired by the Admin and no longer displayed in any of the three columns.

A small image and text write-up is seen in the middle of the web page is the lead article. Events are listed in chronological order. If they click on the event, they can read about the whole article. This module should automatically move articles into the correct past, present, future column based on the date of the event. These events should be linkable to a web address that will be tied to our Events Calendar (currently Google calendar based). Events that are present or future have the option of having a button with a link so that people can register for an event online. This module should contain everything for creating/maintaining these news articles and this module, both the lead article and the main article.

Wilderness ___ Guided Tour is a web based Flash Player Window that allows people to scroll horizontally through a series of flash based videos and play the one of their choice. The server hosting the Joomla website has excellent support for Streaming Flash video in real time. [url removed, login to view]

The Wilderness ___ graphic is supplied in Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator format. It is in vector format and thus can be easily scaled. The blue wave actually covers over the corner of the upper buttons.

Pictures and Movies is an area that there are several photo albums with different themes, and also several movies. This module should easily manage both video and images. Both the side shows and movies should have the ability to offer full screen to the user if they so choose. Our staff is responsible to upload all pictures and articles.

Maps and directions will use 2 Google Maps to show directions and provide a printable option. Connecting to the Googles API it will allow a user to put in their address and have Google maps give them directions to our facility. Our location is registered within Google maps.

Submit an Article – This Module should allow people to write up an article and submit an article with pictures. When an article is submitted an email(s) should be sent to notify the administrator. Articles that are approved should be transferable to the events area. An email verification process must be created with an emailed link that has to be clicked on before the user can make it submittable.

I like the way there is a picture slide show on one side, while there is information on the other on this website.

[url removed, login to view]

I would like to use this format/style on the pages for:


Church Retreat

Family Gathering

Individual bookings

Rooms, Facility and Surrounding Area

Contact us

Group prices & bookings (This will be a large part of phase 2, but we will put in here for now)

Price and book a rooms (This will be a large part of phase 2, but we will put in here for now)

Create a FAQ page – Create a CMS based FAQ page where we can easily go in a update/create/edit a F.A.Q page with text and images.

Privacy Policy– Create a CMS based Privacy Policy page where we can easily go in a update/create/edit a Privacy Policy page with text and images.

Employment Create a CMS based Employment page where we can easily post employment titles and job descriptions with images.

Activities – We have 32 activities with a short ½ page to page write up with pictures and video for each. You are responsible for transfer and typing of the content from the old website to the new Joomla website. The pages should be easily editable in CMS format and easily allow a slide show of pictures related to the activity or flash video to be posted up together with the write up.

'About Us' is a small module that allows both text and images to be posted in a box on the bottom right of the website. - A small ½ page article should be retyped from our old site into this new area by the web designer.

'Favorite Recipe of the week' is a small module that rotates to a different recipe ever week until it goes through all the recipes entered, then it starts over again. We will type in recipes and enter pictures into this module in content management form. Admin should have control over the order it rotates through, and which article is currently the start of the rotation.

'Picture of the week' is a small module that displays a small version of a large picture in the corner of our website. If they click on the image, it goes to a screen that shows a larger version of the picture together with a caption. Install JoomlaComment 3.25 so users can make comments and rate the photo . It rotates to a different picture every week until it goes through all the Pictures entered, then it starts over again. We will enter pictures into this module in content management form. We should have control over the order it rotates through, and which article is currently start the rotation from.

Additional Info

I like the idea/visual appearance of the lead article design on lower right side of this website. [url removed, login to view]

The photo's in the news articles have the white edge around to make them look like a photograph. The placement and style of the date and title are good. I just would change the color scheme.

The attached photo is for rough placement of modules only. I want very excellent graphic work.

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