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Business Directory in the USA

We are looking to have this done as soon as possible. We would pay at final compleation of the product,due to problems with a previous web designer. View the uncompleated work @ [url removed, login to view] . Please show any relevant links and estimated time frame. I look forward to your mail.

The project details are as follows:

Subject: [url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view] pages

1. HOME PAGE ([url removed, login to view])


Consumers can search for listings by

a. clicking on specific zip code within a map - OR -

b. selecting zip code from a drop-list - OR -

c. searching entire city by category and sub-category drop-lists

Search results will consist of [url removed, login to view]’s clients: These are Advertisers within the directory

Additional Sections

a. Rotating banner advertising, linked to

-> Advertiser’s Zip Page - OR –

-> Advertiser’s own web site, if any

This form of advertising is a separate and additional feature, the cost of which is not included in any package. Banners consist of the Advertiser’s logo or other desired image. The banner should rotate between Advertisers when page is refreshed. (We need to decide cost and size description for banners).

The advertiser can choose to advertise on the home page or in a specific zip code.

(See right side of [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] for examples)

b. List of New Advertisers on the [url removed, login to view] (rotating) (see right side of [url removed, login to view] for example)

-> text only (no logo)

-> linked to Advertiser’s Zip Page

This form of advertising is included with a Zip Page package. Its purpose is to welcome new clients and draw the attention of the site’s Users (the Advertisers’ potential customers) to the new listing. Its duration is one week.

After a week what will happen?

The reason for the one-week limit is to allow space in order to highlight our newest clients. After a week, they are not “new” anymore and thus are no longer spotlighted in the New Advertisers section

c. Employment search: Pulls up all results (system-wide)

Some Zip Pages contain an Employment Opportunities section; a search would bring up all jobs listed on the Zip Pages, throughout the city. We are open to your suggestions in terms of the design/appearance/order (etc.) of the search results. Indeed, one of the reasons we have chosen that this section should consist of limited fields (job title, brief job description, compensation, contact info) is in order to preserve the possibility of streamlining this search function later on, without requiring too much in the way of modification to the programming and/or data. This should be taken into consideration within its design: The idea would be for a User to be able to locate a job within a particular zip code and be able to search by category and sub-category, thus enabling the User to find a specific Advertiser that has employment opportunities.

- Information is taken from following Zip Page fields (see further below)

-> zip code, category + sub-category, job title, brief job description, compensation, contact info

2. Refining search: Zip Code specific pages

([url removed, login to view])


Consumer can refine their search by

a. Choosing to include or exclude neighboring zip codes in their search

b. Selecting from the category and sub-category drop-lists

Additional sections

a. Rotating banner advertising (as described above)

3. Search results: Biz Card Page ([url removed, login to view])


Search results are displayed as follows:

Client logos (squares) are displayed, in order of precedence:

Section 1: Top page – Premium Ads

Section 2: Middle page – Standard Ads

Section 3: Lower page – Promotional Ads

Within each section, logos are displayed in alphabetical order.

Each logo is a link to the Advertiser’s Zip Page; each has mouse-over function, to show location and contact:

Premium Ads and Standard Ads -> link to advertiser’s Zip


-> Promotional Ads ->only location and contact appear, no Zip Page

(See description of Advertising Packages offered, below)

Additional sections

a. Rotating banner advertising (as described above)

b. If search criteria consisted of category/sub-cat only (meaning, entire city was searched)

-> Ability to “Refine search criteria” -> Zip Code drop list -> Include / exclude neighboring Zip Codes

c. If search was performed by Zip Code and neighboring Zip Codes were

-> Included? ->Option to narrow search Excluding neighboring Zip Codes

-> Excluded? ->Option to widen search Including neighboring Zip Codes

4. Advertiser’s profile page: Zip Pages


Three levels of advertising are offered:

A. Premium Ads ($$)

B. Standard Ads ($)

C. Promotional Ads (-)

Premium Ads and Standard Ads include a member profile page, called a “Zip Page”

On the Zip Page, Advertisers can

o write and create their own Zip Page

o login, access and modify their Zip Page at any time

All Zip Pages fields include:

o Logo upload (standard size) (any file format)

o Location: address, phone numbers, email, website URL if any

o Map of location (using Google maps)

o Blog: to update potential customers on latest news (carries

latest modification date)

o Business referral: to recommend other businesses on your page

(friends/referral) example: Myspace add a friend button section

->logos appearing in the Referral field also have mouse-over function as described for Promotional Ads (below)

o Rotating image carousel: ability to upload/delete, with/without captions

o [url removed, login to view] page visitor counter

o Meta tags for site searches (keyword search)

o Coupons:

->Advertiser can indicate validity period

->Small [url removed, login to view] watermark

Advertising Packages:

A. PREMIUM Ads ([url removed, login to view])

With purchase of Premium Ad placement, Zip Pages include these additional features

o Premium Logo placement on Biz Card (search results) page

-> Larger, more prominent logo

-> Top page logo placement (we have to decide the logo dimensions)

o Up to 10 pictures or images with or without captions

o Mini-video commercial (embedded video, via Google Video or [url removed, login to view])

o Up to 5 sub-category selections – what is use of this?

It should be clear that it will be impossible for an Advertiser to be listed solely under a “category” ; a sub-category must be selected.

When devising our categories and sub-categories, a certain (though limited) amount of redundancy was built into lists. We had to take into consideration that different Users of the web site – all consumers who are looking for certain products or services – will not always follow the same line of reasoning, thought processes vary, and different paths are followed in order to reach the same result.

That being said, it is not unlikely that an advertiser would wish to be found under several listings. For example, a hardware store that carries innumerable products and services, may wish to be listed under Shopping -> Hardware, and also under Construction and Contractors -> Hardware and Construction Material Stores; Construction and Contractors ->Cabinets; and Hardware and Construction ->Wood floor sales. I could go on, but you get the idea.

An advertiser is not obligated to use all five sub-categories. They may elect to use only two, for example. But we are not going to start creating “packages” for every possible number…

We do however consider the possibility of giving Advertisers the option of purchasing additional sub-categories, for an additional cost (to be determined). This should be taken into consideration within the design.

o Unlimited coupon creation

I would like to have the coupon contain:

- Their Logo

- Business Name, address, contact info and a small [url removed, login to view] watermark.

- They would be able to enter the Promotion information, promo codes and any disclaimer they wish.

- Also, the client must enter via a drop down list the dates when the coupon is valid from and to. Example 11/19/2006 to 11/26/2006

o Ability to post employment opportunities (limited/fixed number of characters per field)

-> job title, brief description, compensation, contact info

o Advertisers listed within the “Restaurants and Dining” categories may also upload their menu (Thoughts: “Menu” button on Zip Page, active if uploaded document present? Format: PDF?)


With purchase of Standard Ad placement, Zip Pages include these additional features:

o Standard Logo Placement on Biz Card (search results) page

-> Mid-sized logo (slightly smaller than Premium Ads)

-> Mid-page logo placement (beneath Premium Ads)

o Up to 2 pictures or images with or without captions

o Up to 3 sub-category selections

o One Coupon


The Promotional Ad is the only package that does not include a Zip Page. Promotional Ad placement is free, and functions as follows:

o Promotional Logo Placement on Biz Card (search results) page

-> Small logo (smallest logo available)

-> Lower page logo placement (beneath) Standard Ads)

o Mouse roll-over displays address and phone number only (not hyperlink).

* * * * *


1. Login i.d.

-> Assignment of client i.d. number (7 digits) to simplify tracking

-> “Forgot login/password” auto-email function?

-> Can be created online by Advertiser when signing up, or by [url removed, login to view] representative

-> auto-generated password; Advertiser has ability to modify password

2. Payment

-> Online via credit card (WorldPay).

-> Advertiser chooses:

- Premium advertising

- Standard advertising

- banner

- home page

- zip code specific

-> Via direct contact with [url removed, login to view] representative

3. Advertiser Information is entered into a form with fields, must be user-friendly and standardized to minimize variations and ensure proper functioning, i.e. of Google Map which should be automatically generated and embedded into Zip Page (and not simply a link to Google Maps web site). Map marker should be accurate.

I must have the following access :

1. Customer tracking and maintenance:

- Sign-on date

- Renewal date alert

- Modify renewal date

- Client search

- Track which category and sub category they are in

2. Access to modify advertiser’s Zip Page

- Master Login in order to edit customer information, including creating and deleting an Advertiser’s Zip Page.

- Logo and images: add/delete functions

- Insert/delete/modify embedding codes for [url removed, login to view] Video on Zip Pages

3. Modifications to site:

- Modify pricing

- Modify “About”, “Terms and Conditions”, “How to” etc.

- Add, modify, or delete categories and sub-categories

->warning/pop-up if action could affect an advertiser listing

4. All non-profits, public schools and religious organizations have Premium Ad privileges at no charge. These must contact a [url removed, login to view] representative in order to enable. Must also be easy to distinguish from regular paying Advertisers.

How can we identify who is comes under non-profits and How can they join [url removed, login to view]

To resolve this, I should be able to create a Login i.d. myself, using a Master Login. A non-profit would have to contact me and provide some basic information, and if approved (after appropriate verification) I could create and send them their Login and password.

Other thoughts:

- Bread crumbs on every page

- Menu across bottom of every page (Home – About Us – Terms and Conditions – etc.)

- All lists are drop-down lists; minimize typing, maximize clicking.

- When a client decides to advertise with [url removed, login to view]

- It should be simple straight forward steps.

- Choose advertising package -> Payment -> input of their information

- We should be alerted to new advertisers

Where member can post their advertising?

I hopefully have answered this question within the document.

Use and scope

[url removed, login to view] will allow consumers to find services and stores within their own or another zip code by clicking on a map, helping them to save time and money.

In order to locate company information (such as address, phone number), [url removed, login to view] categorizes listings and creates a link to the advertiser’s profile (Zip Page).

The key is to provide a website requiring no or very little input by a consumer. The aim is to give consumers a more visual experience, allowing them to scroll and click rather than type.

Zip2Shop is essentially a data base of businesses and companies in Las Vegas. The website is a collection of the information they provide.

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