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I wish to build a clone of [url removed, login to view] BACKGROUND My site is intended to provide an exact replica of the computerised test issued by the UK Government to overseas people looking to gain a British Passport and become a British citizen. The Government recently published a book all about Life in Britain� http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0113413025/sr=1-4/qid=1155242242/ref=sr_1_4/026-8014349-5188407?ie=UTF8&s=books The government expects people to have read and memorised certain parts of this book before they take a test based around information in it. EXISTING COMPETITION [url removed, login to view] is an exact functional replica of the Government test and exactly what I want to build in stage one of this project. I hope to go onto develop the site into a portal for immigrants, but that is for stage 2, next year. For now, I just want a 100% clone of [url removed, login to view] Obviously my site will use questions written by me, and it will need to have a different look to it, but I simply want a clone of this functionality found in [url removed, login to view] DESCRIPTION Revenue The idea is to ask users to pay �8.99 to practice the exact conditions of their test. Registration The user is asked to register when they come to the site for the first time. Registration involves the user paying �8.99 through Paypal for one month's unlimited access to the site and the practice questions it contains. We'll call this period a �user month�, during which time they can take the practice tests as many times as they like, though there will be some rules about the order in which the questions will be presented, which I will explain in a minute. After one user month, a user must pay �8.99 again to carry on getting access to the practice questions. If they do not want to register they may still use the sample test (my rival site has this feature here. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU t take this sample test, because it will show you virtually the entire inventory of pages and the entire user experience) The Test + questions The test is 40 minutes long and consist of a pre-defined set of 24 questions about life in Britain. The user reads questions off the screen, one question at a time, and selects the right answer or answers from a series of two or more possible answers. Most of the time, the question will consist of four possible answers and one right answer, like this What sort of business is Microsoft? 1) a software firm 2) a restaurant 3) a gas station 4) an electrical store ..but the test should randomly throw in other formats of question, such as this one where the user has to tick more than one answer: �Icreon is a software company based with offices in� London � (correct) India - (correct) Germany � (incorrect) Australia - (incorrect) Or this one, were the user has to select from a true or false statement: �Icreon is a software company� - True - False I will supply Icreon with a carefully structured spreadsheet containing 240 questions plus answers (correct answers marked as correct, incorrect marked as incorrect). The questions will be divided into 10 �sets� of 24 questions. Each set is significant. Each one will have a defining attribute, depending on how the registered user has interacted with it,as follows 1) A set can be [started] or [unstarted] i.e. it's a �started set� if the user has begun a test session with the intention of completing the set of 24 questions in the next 40 minutes. If they log off before 40 minutes has passed then that set becomes a [started-unfinished] set. When they start a new session, the [started-unfinished] set will not be presented to them until the user has finished another set. The unfinished set goes to the back of the queue in the order of sets presented to the user. The user must always be shown an [unstarted] set every time they start a new session � this helps to keep them mentally alert and give the appearance of deep layers of content. 2) A set can be [passed] or [failed] , depending on how many questions the users gets right. I will confirm the pass/fail score later, but basically if the user answers approximately 18 questions in a set that set becomes �passed� and is not shown to the user again until they have completed all the other sets, or when the user signs up for a new �user month�. User data and test scores Once the user starts to answer a set of questions a timer appears, counting backwards from 40 minutes. When the 40 minutes is over the user is not allowed to answer any more questions, and is given a score screen like this: The user can then click on a link to show them the correct answers, which looks like this: Backend functionality All I need at first is the ability to post new sets of questions or edit existing sets. I will also need the ability to edit any of the copy on any part of the website, but I think I can probably do that myself if I know which html file the copy is in. There is one particular feature that I want to use which the other sites do not have: when the user is shown the correct, they can click on a link next to every question that takes them to a page showing tips (text or graphics) on answering that particular question correctly. They should be able to save each page of memory tips, thus building up a collection of �My Memory Tips� to help them tackle all the questions that they got wrong and need more help with.. Next year, I would like to start turning the site into more of a portal, with news, features and factsheets, classified advertising and a search function. I don't need those features in stage one, but please bear in mind that I will very likely give that work to Icreon if this goes well. It may also affect the type of system you build in stage one? That about as much as I can tell you without knowing which specific parts you need to know more about. Regards Jasdun

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