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Facebook Quiz Application

This is a work for hire.

Before you bid, read the description below carefully, and respond with something other than a form letter. In other words, convince me you actually read the description.

Timeline: Need ASAP - preferably by June 18, 2009

Also, if you have not created a Facebook Applicaiton before, then don't bid. This should conform to Facebook's applicaiton rules, and I don't want to get shut down because of crap code.

I need a simple facebook quiz application written in PHP.

The application should ask for permission to email the user before they take the quiz.

The application should collect the user data, including email aliases and quiz answer information. Information should be stored in a MySQL database.

The application should allow me to send notifications and emails to the users.

The quiz should be made up of 15 questions.

Each question should have 10 weight variables (weight_A thru weight_J). The idea is that each variable represents a result. (Each result should have a picture associated with it).

In operation, a multiple choice question is presented. When the user answers the question, each weight variable for that question will be assigned a number based on the answer.

For example, if question 1 is:

1) What is your favorite color?

a) Red

b) Blue

c) Green

d) Yellow

The variable assignments may be as follows:

Red: A=0 B=2 C=5 D=1 E=9 F=2 G=1 H=4 I=6 J=0

Blue: A=2 B=1 C=7 D=0 E=7 F=2 G=1 H=1 I=9 J=8

…and so on.

Thus, if the user chooses a) Red for the answer to the first question, then the variables will be assigned as follows: A=0 B=2 C=5 D=1 E=9 F=2 G=1 H=4 I=6 J=0

This continues until all questions have been answered with the values of the variables being added along the way.

The end result should be that all variables have been summed up. It may look something like this:

A=50 B=54 C=20 D=13 E=23 F=11 G=16 H=33 I=12 J=0

The variable with the highest number represents the winning result of the quiz. If they are the same amount, there should be a tie-breaker. In the case described above, B is the clear winner with a sum total of 54.

Once a winning result is determined, the result of the quiz should be presented to the user, along with an associated picture, and posted to the user’s facebook feed for his friends to see.

For example, the quiz may be “What type of girl is right for me?” And through the answers, the sum total adds up to B=54, with B representing the result “Sleazy Girls”, indicating that the right type of girl for the user is a sleazy girl. Then the result should be posted to the user’s page, saying: “Joe took the right girl for me quiz and found out that sleazy girls are for him!” Alongside this posting should be a picture of a sleazy girl, and a call to action, asking Joe’s friends to take the quiz.

Joe’s friends should be able to click on a link, and go to the quiz page and start taking the quiz.

Then I should be able to send a message and an email to the people who take the quiz.

(I'll fill in the questions and the weights later.)

(1) Have you created a Facebook Application before?

(2) Are you familiar with Facebook's application rules?

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