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The business website will be loosely based around internet dating sites such as [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] Members are offered an increased chance of meeting a lady through access to the sites facility with a purchased membership. However, the site will be centered around members letting other members know where they will be (what club) at what time (10pm-12am) wearing what clothes (red dress), with what intention (picking up, friendly flirting, relationship) and the best opening line to use (might be an offer to buy their favourite drink). It's different to the current dating sights which offer in depth member profiles in the sense that this site will only offer a few details, but hopefully the right details to simply help members with the same intention break the ice, with a real person, in a real club, in real time. It basically lets members be aware of the opportunities surrounding them at different times in different clubs/pubs or any night spot where people go to socialise.

Why the need for the sight

Ok so you live on the gold coast (can be anywhere) and you've been going out for two years with the boys doing the rounds of all the nightspots looking for a chick for a one night stand and/or something more………..maybe even a romance. Problem is none of the girls in any of the clubs seem to be on the same page as you, well at least they don't appear/act to be even though they are probably at the club for exactly the same reason as you. But with both sexes being scared of rejection (males probably more than females) you end up with an invisible stand off. Neither sex being confident enough (in general) to just approach the other unless their blind and usually having no idea at all on how to start the conversation. Basically nerves kick in which is then heightened by the fact that you don't know if they have a partner (he/she might be in the toilet), so you stand at the bar getting blind with your mates and then usually start acting like a wanker out of sheer frustration at not knowing all the variables you THINK you need to know to approach the chick your been starring at all night, and consequently you end up leaving alone.

This process got me thinking about traffic light balls we use to have in my uni days. Where you wore wear red if you had a partner, yellow if you we're unsure or just in a casual relationship and green if you were single and free.

The best thing about these nights was us bloke had a better idea (well at least we THOUGHT we did) about where we stood with all the chicks in the bar and vise versa. When it comes down to it, the difference it actually made to our chances of picking up was probably only marginally better at best. But you couldn't tell us that at the time and we proceeded to smash bar records but funnily enough most of us went home alone. Ha ha ha. But for some reason we all still had an awesome night…….better than usual. The reason had to of been because we THOUGHT we had more of a chance of picking up. So while the night was progressing our anticipation of the big hook up was heightened as was our general level of excitement

This got me thinking about the guys who actually do break the ice with some ladies, they make a few in roads and end up spending a fortune at bars like Melbas buying cocktail after cocktails because they THINK it will help them pick up, and sometimes it does. But more often than not the only thing they achieve is empting their wallets. What I'm trying to say is that guys every weekend, in every club worldwide are spending a considerable amount of cash, whether its on cocktails, cover charges, taxis or kebabs because they THINK it will help them hook up.

That's what Icebreaker/[url removed, login to view] will do. It will help to make the members THINK that they will have more of a chance of picking up. Although I do actually believe that the sight will give members a better chance of hooking up than just hitting the clubs normally. And for hopefully a little less than the $200 a weekend some guys are coffing up weekend after weekend. Let me explain


What I'm thinking at the moment is that you buy a membership which gives you access to the sight and the profiles of other members for a specific period of time.

For e.g. $1.95 gives you one weekend

$3.95 gives you four weeks (month)

$7.95 gives you twelve weeks (3 months)

$9.95 gives you fifty two weeks (12 months)

But as mentioned earlier the profiles will only offer a few details

For e.g. Number of people in the group (3)

What clubs you will be going to (Melbas,Drink,Sugar Shack,Bedroom)

What order you will be going to these clubs in

Approximately how much time you will be in each club

Physically what you look like

What you will be wearing

What songs you will find me dancing to

What drink I'm likely to be drinking

What their intentions are for going out

What's the best opening line you should try?


It is up to the member to decide how much or how little information they want to reveal and obviously they are under no obligation to either put in accurate details. This fact will help to keep members as safe as possible while also allowing them to screen other members. If for example one member approaches another as they are sure they have read his/her profile and ask the opening question in the others profile. The member being propositioned will know they have had their profile viewed by this person, and if they don't like what they see can simply decline the proposition through ignorance to the question/site. If they like the look of the person and welcome the proposition both members know each others intentions. She knows what she has written and he read, and if he is approaching her well its pretty safe to assume he has the same intentions and vise versa. This mutual knowledge of each other should help to minimize a lot of the awkward both throughout the night and at the nights end.

Please in PMB supply me with what you think the specs would be broken down.

We will have ongoing work for the successful bidder we will also pay escrow.

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