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146732 Admin and API for Shows


What we're looking for is a nicely-behaved and secure web app for:

1. Entering show information

2. Displaying show information in various formats

The web app for entering data should be built using the PEAR ITX templating system so that we can change the layout easily. Basically it should allow you to search for and list shows, click on the show to edit it, or create a new show. Also we'll need to be able to delete shows.

The interface to display the show data on the B2C website is a little trickier, since we need the show data output in a variety of formats. The various data elements (show title, dates, description, etc.) will have specific CSS class tags when output. It might be easiest to describe how we want the show data laid out by showing you the various pages:

Here's a sample of how I see the Show Listings page being laid out:

[url removed, login to view]

Here is a quickie mockup of a Show Detail page:

[url removed, login to view]

As you can see there are some data elements that are highlighted, some that are links, and some that is just plain text. I seriously doubt we're going to write that much detail but it's nice to know it's there if we need it.

So again, we need a set of parameters that generate the "side-show" listings (like on the home page on the right there), a set of parameters that generate the show listing page ([url removed, login to view], above) and a set of parameters that generate a show detail page like the one above.

For the "API", what I'm looking for is an interface where we can supply several different parms and get back different HTML output (complete with a logical set of CSS tags for the various data). All dates functionality is relative to the current date.

Probably easiest to explain with examples:

EX: [url removed, login to view]

This would output HTML for five of the upcoming "side show" listings as you can see on all the pages currently on the site. It's an abbreviated listing which will also include links of course to the individual show detail pages.

EX: [url removed, login to view]

This would generate the full upcoming show listings, including titles, teaser text, date/time, map link. Everything except the description. This is for our normal shows page.

EX: [url removed, login to view]

This would generate the full list of previous shows, including titles, teaser text, date/time, map link. Everything except the description. This is for our archived shows page.

EX: [url removed, login to view]

This would output the full list of all shows, whether upcoming or previous.


This would show the full list of all upcoming and "recent" shows. We could define RECENT using some other metadata in terms of weeks. So a configuration file (or better yet, a database setting) would allow us to set RECENT_BACK = 5 would cause the function to show all upcoming shows and all recent shows five weeks previous to the current date. This RECENT_BACK setting would affect all aShows() when OR'ing against RECENT.

EX: aShows?type=DETAIL&id=47

This would output the full detail of the show for the individual show pages. Here, 47 represents the show's ID.

Please fire away with questions/clarifications or suggestions as to how to do this more easily if you think of them!

I'm including an updated schema with some more descriptive text for the columns needed. Hopefully this will give you enough to go on.

One of the programmers I already gave the project to (who liked to disappear for weeks at a time) got me interested in microformats, which means that people could click on a show date-link, and then they'd get an automatic entry in their Outlook calendar. I'd love that feature! This was what he said (before he disappeared):

"Microformats are something of a new concept in semantic HTML: use CSS class names to indicate properties matching such formats as vCalendar, vCard, and so forth. See http://microformats.org. There's a really nice bookmarklet parser for hCard and hCalendar microformats at [url removed, login to view] microformats_bookmarklet”

My band really needs this interface so hopefully we can make it happen!

Please respond with a serious proposal and you will be considered. We may even award the project to multiple bidders if we get more than one promising bid.

Please include a screenshot or two of another admin interface you've built!

Kĩ năng: AJAX, Bất kì công việc gì, CSS, MySQL, PHP, XML

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