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166437 Stock Purchase System

We're looking for a simple website that will do the following for our needs. If you already have something in place that we can view, please feel free to let us know. Please keep in mind that the admin must control everything and there might be a bit more to this, but if so, I'm sure you understand what must be done. We're really looking for that someone who knows and understands this sort of system and what it's for. We don't want to have any account sign-in for purchasers, only corporations that use us. The purchaser can only view what they have by following the process as shown below. If you have any other ideas, don't hesitate to contact me via PMB. Thanks, and good luck. NO RATINGS, DON'T CONTACT US.

1. Person enters amount of shares to purchase by 'x' increments set in the admin.

2. Person is shown the amount of the purchase which includes the Paypal amount increase of 3% + .30 cents of the transaction.

3. The person can then decide to pay by check or Paypal. If pay by check, then it will create a purchase order form to purchase the stock and the person must fill in their information, print out the statement, then send in with check.

4. If the person chooses PP, then they fill out their information and go directly to the purchase page and pay for it. First Name, Last Name, Address, Address Cont., City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Email, confirm Email.

5. Before they can go to the payment page or fill in their information, I want an email verification check in place before they can go forward.

6. The person will have an account created for them that ONLY can be accessed via email. If they want to see the amount of shares they have, they enter their email, a verification goes out to their email account, they click on it, it will then take them to a one-time view of their account with their information and amount of shares, a simple looking nice account. IF the email is not on file, the site will show that they are not on file.

7. IP Verify. I want to have the IP of the person. I also want it to show on the site for them to see.

8. Company sponsorship link...this is a company that wants to use our site to sell their stock. They enter in their information and it gets sent to the admin. There should be an alert email sent to the admin of all new inquiry's.


1. Admin can create admins with user-name (email) and password. I want a first name and last name for this as well. Fields will be First Name, Last Name, Email, Confirm email, Password.

2. Ban IP addresses

3. View Accounts with ability to create, suspend, delete, edit, print orders, etc...

4. Ability to view accounts by months, how much total shares have been sold, print out a report by months and shares sold during those months.

5. Ability to set the site to 'x' amount of shares for sale and the amount for each share to be sold including for payment options for 'x' amount of percentage and 'x' amount charged per payment. The ability to check off to use it or not. This means that if I decide to not use the percentage of 3%, I can not check off the box which will not use it. This goes for everything.

6. For shares that are sold, we input the serial number on the share that records it in their account. Once we do this, an email update will be sent out automatically to the person that they have been recorded and serial number assigned for their shares. Please keep in mind, there will not be a number for each share, it will be a number for the certificate they have purchased. If they purchase 25 shares, it will go on ONE paper, not 25 papers. One paper will show 25 shares valued and have a number assigned on it. So, for each account created, the admin is the one that assigns the certificate serial number after payment has been verified and received.

7. Admin can enter a new company account that will show on the drop down menu for purchase of stocks. Company Name, Address, Address Cont., City, State, Zip Code, check box for SEC registered, how many shares for sale and what the per share price is.

8. Company profile page: PPM page, copy and paste or type, about us page, mission statement page, Biography page. So, when a person chooses a company's profile, it will take them to a page with links to these other pages they must fill in.

9. Create pages with links.

10. Website with a banner that is controlled by admin which can enter text into it.

11. Text area on main page controlled by admin.

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