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Website Edit / Changes

I have developed a software program that is through our website and seems to need constant editing / upgrading.

The last programmer has been with me for a year, but his turnaround time is at times a month and I need bugs and errors to be fixed within a week.

I am looking for a longterm relationship.

## Deliverables

Website is [login to view URL], with domains such as [login to view URL]

Here is a current list of edits I need done (you will see some of my old programmers questions). Keep in mind whenever there is an edit, it needs to edit all subdomans as well as make sure when I create a new domain - they are all there. If you need additional information on this, I would be happy to provide.:

When a family logs into their admin section, they are getting an error when trying to book a temporary nanny. I need the error fixed.

Before nannies can fill out the online application, have an initial screen that will ask a list of questions (all our requirements), they will need to select the yes / no bubble.

If they answer any questions incorrectly, it will explain that they do not meet the minimum requirements and to please call their local A+ Nannies if they have any questions. These questions would show BEFORE the ?€œnanny screen?€ option if that is enabled.


So this is required on this page for each domain? Yes** <[login to view URL]> ?**

- How many requirements features are there? 9

- Do we need to save their answer? (no)

- How to know if they have answered incorrectly? (We will make all answers ?&#8364;&#339;YES?&#8364; required. If they answer ?&#8364;&#339;No?&#8364; to any of them, they will get a page that says they do not qualify and please contact us (with link to contact page) if they have any additional questions.**

1. Add to nanny application (I will tell you where):

* Are you able to travel with the family?

* Will you work with a stay at home parent? (take off office use only section, and in nanny search query ?&#8364;" make it look here) any way to transfer the check box to a yes?

* Can you swim?

* Do you have any visible piercing or tattoos? Please explain:

* Emergency Contact Information

* Is there anything you wish to disclose that would effect your day to day child care related duties?

* Are you willing to do housework for more money? Yes / No

* How Do You Rate Yourself As A Cook? Poor / Fair / Good / Excellent

* Will You Prepare Meals For The Whole Family? Yes / No

<!-- -->

1. Another Register Online Option for ?&#8364;&#339;Hotel / Resort Guests?&#8364;. Located <[login to view URL]>

The form will have following fields:

Name of client, cell phone of client, resort name, resort address, resort phone number, room number, Nanny?&#8364;&#8482;s Pay, Special Requests, Children?&#8364;&#8482;s name, date of birth, sex, special needs, click to agree to terms and conditions, and credit card information.

**- Will it be FOURTH option as ?&#8364;&#339;Hotel / Resort Guests?&#8364; ? Yes

- When submitted, where do we need to display/setup STORED data? Please let me know. (We have 3 drop down menus; nanny, temporary, newborn ?&#8364;" add hotel.

- What PROCESS begins, after form submission that is mentioned on left side column? We will get an alert that a new family application has been started (same as all the other applications), then it will get filed in ?&#8364;&#339;unfilled?&#8364;, just like the others (but under hotel). So the filing system will be ?&#8364;&#339;un-filed, active, no longer looking?&#8364;. All will come in as ?&#8364;&#339;unfiled?&#8364;, then we will file accordingly. Make sense? The information on the form will be different than what we already have; much shorter.


1. When nannies log in, make the area clickable on each section On MAIN page. When you log as a nanny, it pulls up each section with a check mark next to it, make those sections ?&#8364;&#339;clickable?&#8364; to take you directly to that section.

**OK, I will make each TITLE ?&#8364;&#339;a click-able link?&#8364; and attach with its direct EDIT page, is it fine? Yes, perfect.**

1. When clicking on ?&#8364;&#339;Accounting?&#8364; while in the MAIN MENU ( under inquiries) have the invoice number text box, and charge date text box show. Whatever is imputed there, transfer onto their specific accounting record. When ?&#8364;&#339;print?&#8364; is used, the charge date box does not show up. Have an option to automatically enter all invoices past the first invoice (if invoice id is not entered).

This is what I currently see:

## Accounting Charges

Welcome Hilary Lockhart


| **Invoice Id:**

**Family:** Bourne

1612 W. Kaibar Drive

Chandler 85248 | Total: $80.00 |

- Place INVOICE NUMBER ?&#8364;&#339;text box?&#8364;

- Place CHARGE DATE ?&#8364;&#339;text box?&#8364;

- Create a ?&#8364;&#339;SAVE?&#8364; button next to each INVOICE area so that you can SAVE entered value of text boxes

- **Is above what you want to be done? YES, this is what I want:**

## Accounting Charges

Welcome Hilary Lockhart


| **Invoice Id:** TEXT BOX HERE

**Family:** Bourne

1612 W. Kaibar Drive

Chandler 85248 | Total: $80.00


** **

With a ?&#8364;&#339;save?&#8364; option on the bottom, so they will all auto input on the family section. The way the accounting is designed is as soon as a charge date is entered, it disappears off the accounting list (not the families accounting list, but the accounting list of ?&#8364;&#339;charges?&#8364;. I would also like an option where it enters the charge date for all listed, so I do not have to repeat the charge date. For example: C.D. (check box) all (text box). Then all will have the charge date automatically entered with the date that is entered into the box. I will still need to be able to edit the C.D. ?&#8364;" in case a charge declines.

**- What is the difference between InvoiceID and InvoiceNumber? (Is InvoiceID database auto-generated assigned ID?) They are the same, sorry I meant invoice Id.


**- You want to display values of InvoiceNumber and ChargeDate on PRINT page, is this right? But you don?&#8364;&#8482;t want to display TEXT BOXES on PRINT page, is this right? They can display what is entered into the text box. So if the invoiceid is 4000, it will print 4000.**

This may be harder without you seeing inside our system. If questions - please do not hesitate in asking.



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