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RTF file data to .CN2 (text) file

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I have CNC machine that cut pipes at specified lengths. For each pipe the CNC needs 1 text file. The text file contains cutting lengths, quantity of pipes and some extra information. The cutting lengths and quantities are mentioned in the document file.

Sample data in .cn2 file


DIMENSIONS: [url removed, login to view]






1;[url removed, login to view];1;2;P

2;[url removed, login to view];4;2;P

3;[url removed, login to view];1;2;P


I need an application or software that can extract specific data from the rtf file and give output in text file with extension of ".CN2".

The .CN2 file generated will be for CNC machine to cut the pipes at specific lengths

The numbers are highlighted in yellow on second page of the RTF file.

2x2403 means to say cut 2 pipes each of length 2403 mm

There are few notes

1. The first length will be length in the rest column

2. The lengths will be ascending order the last cutting length need to be greater than 600 other wise machine cannot work.

3. If the value in the rest column is 0 than make it [url removed, login to view] means first cutting length will be [url removed, login to view]

4. For each row in the second table 1 ".CN2" file is required.

5. The total length has to be 6005. If the total length is not 6005 error information should be displayed saying the “Total length is not 60065” but the user should be allowed to continue. Even if the total length is not 6005 mm the application should work.

6. The numbering of the .cn2 files should be as followed. The name of the .cn2 can be divided into 2 parts Part A and Part B.

In 14th-2

“14th” is part A. “-2” is part B

Part A should come from the rtf file name. Part B should come from the position of the row.

If my rtf file name is 14th than

The text file that will be generated for first row should have a name of 14th-1

The text file that will be generated for second row should have a name of 14th-2

7. The text in the .CN2 file should not have space or extra line otherwise the machine cannot read the file.

8. The format of the rtf file will not change

9. The table structure of the rtf file will not change

10. The application has to be for Windows 7 and office 2010

11. I need the source code of the application

12. The parameter x will be defined by the user. Parameter x will be added to first and the last and 2x will be added to the middle values.

13. User should be asked about the input file

14. User should be asked about the output directory.

15. User should be asked for parameter x date type numeric [url removed, login to view] up to 2 decimal points allowance for e.g. [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] etc.

16. If the user hover the mouse at x the following message should appear “Enter the Half the blade thick or the kerf value this Parameter x will be added to first and the last and 2x will be added to the middle values.”

Most importantly the code in the .cn2 file must not be disrupted (except the quantity and dimension)

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