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Bringing a .PHP program back to life..

Membership Site That Pays multiple Downlines, as describe below. The system and programming had been completed, but I have not used it for two years, and the payment processors and the coding needs to be tied back together.

Below find a description of the program. The members are paying for Software, with the benefit of multiple income streams:


A Simple System To Create Your Endless Automatic Cash Machine

Are you ready to learn

* A simple system that will pay you $20.00 OVER and OVER?

* A system that can literally be put into action within minutes of hearing about it?

* A system that will GIVE YOU over $500.00 worth of web tools, FREE !!?

* A FREE WEBSITE like this with YOUR own NAME?

If your answer is YES, then Make Cash Forever is the program you need.

* Ebooks with FREE Resale Rights... to sell (and you keep all the money)

There are so many ebooks and PDF documents that you will receive, we need to list them ON THEIR OWN PAGE. Here's a list of all the ebooks you get, FREE ... included in your membership. Many of them come with resale rights ... and some even have master resale rights.

* FREE Rebrandable Ebooks ... viral ebooks to give away as profit generators

Insert your own affiliate links and make money by either giving these away or selling them. Here's the starting list of our FREE rebrandable ebooks. More are coming!

* FREE Scripts ... to run your online businesses

Amazing value. Click here to see the list of all the scripts you'll get, FREE.

Order today and find out just how easy it can be to make money on the Internet. Our Automated System will generate endless streams of $20 bills for you.

You will be able to get started the same day you order Make Cash Forever.

Join Now To "Make Cash Forever"

You purchase your Make Cash Forever package for $29.00

$20 is paid instantly to your qualified Sponsor and the other $9 is your subscription to cover administrative costs and set-up fees.

Your first sale...

...will be paid instantly to your qualified Sponsor and will qualify you for direct payments on any further sales.

Now here is where the action really STARTS:

You make your 2nd sale and...

...you receive $20 instant commission for that sale -- AS WELL AS EVERY SALE THAT FOLLOWS AFTER THAT... FOREVER. Yes, you... Make Cash Forever.

These $20 commissions will be paid instantly to you via your Paypal, INTGold, or StormPay account.

When this person (your 2nd sale) makes their first sale...

...YOU will be paid that $20 commission instantly.

Then that new partner will go and make his/her first sale, and YOU will be paid that $20 commission too.

Every partner's 1st qualifying sale will go to YOU in the form of a $20 instant commission. This is the meaning of Make Cash Forever! The 1st sale from every partner in your profit line will be paid to YOU.

Not only do you have "instant pay"...

you also get residual income!

Each of your sales begins another profit line!

And each new partner's first sale in that profit line goes to YOU! The $20 instant sales commissions will multiply as your partners promote their Make Cash Forever business.

There is NO limit to the number of profit lines you can start.

Your income opportunity is endless! And you only spent $29.


The winning programmer must be able to communicate with no problems, meet deadlines, and be available for frequent updates...

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