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Build an interactive world map for meetups

Job Description:


I have a paid membership wordpress website. Customers pay to get access to exclusive membership content. If you are a member you also get access to exclusive Telegram groups where members can connect. We use the “Membership Plugin by SkyVerge”.

Our Members do Meetups all around the world. I want to create an interactive map where members can see where the next meetups are and where other members are right now.

To understand more of what I mean, check this out:

[login to view URL]

So when you go on vacation somewhere you can use the map to “Check In” at the city where you go, so other members can see you are there. You can tell the date when you will leave the city so you automatically “Check Out”.

Admins can create Meetups and users will see that meetups will take place there soon with some information. For example how many people already “Checked In” for the meetup.

When you want to register for that “Meet Up” you press the “Join” button and get the link for a telegram group for that meet up.

Users can only check in into one city. They need to “check out” at the old city, when they want to “check in” somewhere else.

If you are not “checked in” into a city, but want to know when there is a meetup, you can subscribe to the city and get a notification via telegram bot when a new meetup is planned.

I want to have that connected with Telegram. So on the map the picture and the name which the user uses on telegram appears. I hope that's possible via API or a telegram bot.

So important functions:

- A whole world map

- Admins can create a city on the map, but once its created, everybody can check in via the map

- When user “checks in” into a city he is able to set a “check out” date or he choose “I doesn't know yet”

- When he choos “I doesn't know yet”, a telegram bot will message him every week to let him confirm that he is still at that city

- Other people are able to press on that city and can see, who is there and are also able to check in

- Admins are able to create meetups. People can “check in” into those meetups and when they do, they get a link for this meetup group.

- Meetups get shown with the date of the meetup, the name and how many people already checked in

- If a member “checks in” into the meetup and joins the group, but then leaves the group, the “Members who checked in” counter goes down

- Members can subscribe to a city without being checked in to get notification when “meet up” is planned


- It needs to work on desktop browser and on the phone browser

- Should work with the wordpress website

- Only users who have the membership should have access to the map

- Needs to be connected to telegram via API or a bot

Since this is a bigger projekt, please write to me in your own words how you would do all of this, what you would choose and also what you guess how many hours you will need for this. I will only read applications where those questions are answered. Please show me that you are communicative and initiative. Tell me what you think.

If this is not possible with wordpress for some reason, we can create a subdomain. Users then can register there with their telegram account but needs to get accepted by an admin. So we can make sure that only people who have the membership get access. We need to be able to kick users out at any time.

Membership Plugin we use: [login to view URL]

Thank you

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