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bulkRegister BulkRegX API V4.0 Site

We require a company to create the Digi-Sign webpages to work with the BulkRegister API: BulkRegX API V 4.0.

We estimate there will be 10-12 web pages and then the integration with the API. The following text has been copied from the BulRegister site:

BulkRegX API V 4.0 consists of HTML and XML based API that significantly expands the functionality available to BulkRegister domain name registration Partners. BulkRegX API V4.0 includes sample HTML and XML forms for Linux/Unix environments using Java or Perl client. BulkRegX API V4.0 provides the flexibility for BulkRegister Reseller Partners to completely automate domain name registration, modification and renewal.

Reseller Partners may connect using HTML forms that post https strings to a BulkRegister servlet. As part of the BulkRegX API V4.0 package, BulkRegister provides a sample set of HTML forms. Partners receive responses as HTML form data. The HTML forms may allow Reseller Partners to get up and running quicker, but do require strict adherence to the https post formats.

XML over SSL: BulkRegX API Partners can connect to the [url removed, login to view] domain name registration system via direct SSL socket connection and send/receive XML data to perform domain management.

Functionality of BulkRegX API V 4.0

BulkRegX API V 4.0 significantly expands the functionality available to BulkRegister API Partners. BulkRegX API V 4.0 supports the following functions:

Login: Establish a connection with the BulkRegister domain name registration system

Check Availability of a Domain: Real-time check of the Registry database

Add a Domain: Register a domain name

Query a Domain: Retrieve a domain name record

Modify a Domain: Change contacts or nameservers within a specific domain name record

Renew a Domain: Extend the registration period of a specific domain name

Transfer a Domain: Transfer domain names from other registrars

Add a Nameserver: Create a nameserver of a parent domain

Modify a Nameserver: Change the name or IP address of a nameserver

Add a Contact: Create a contact in the BulkRegister database

Modify a Contact: Change name, address, phone, fax, or e-mail data within a specific contact record

Create Digital Certificate: Purchase a fully qualified digital certificate in an easy two-step process (per requirement of the certificate issuer)

Query Digital Certificate: Query the certificate information for a previously purchased certificate

Backorder: Backorder a domain that is not available for registration

Query domain backorder: Query an already placed backorder

Modify domain backorder: Modify an already placed backorder

Lock/Unlock domain: For premium users, to lock/unlock a domain

Query by Contact: Retrieve all domain records that include a specific contact as the Administrative Contact, Technical Contact or Billing Contact

Add a Customer: Create a sub-account within a BulkRegister member account. A "customer" has the same rights as a BulkRegister member, but only for the subset of domain names they have registered through a BulkRegister member's account.

Modify a Customer: Change name, address, phone, fax, or e-mail data within a specific customer record

Query Customer: Retrieve a customer record

How it works: Reseller Partners must enter into a Registration Services Agreement (RSA) with BulkRegister to gain access to the BulkRegX API. BulkRegister Reseller Partners may then use the BulkRegX API to interface directly with the BulkRegister system for the purpose of providing domain name registration services to their end-users.

During the registration process, the end-user must be given the opportunity to read the BulkRegister Registration Agreement (different from the Registration Services Agreement, RSA, mentioned above) and must be notified that registration of a domain name constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the BulkRegister Registration Agreement. This may be accomplished through a hyperlink to a copy of the Registration Agreement resident on either BulkRegister's site or the Partner's site.

BulkRegister Reseller Partners are also required to collect and submit end-user supplied Registrant and Administrative Contact data for each domain name registration made on behalf of an end-user. It is not acceptable for a Partner to list themselves as the Registrant and Administrative Contact on domain name registrations made on behalf of end-users.

Domain names are added into the Partner's BulkRegister account on behalf of the end-user. The BulkRegister system automatically debits the Partner's account when the name is registered. The Partner is responsible for billing the end-user when a name is successfully registered.

BulkRegister Reseller Partners must provide a method that allows an end-user to request and/or transact a domain name record modification or renewal. The Partner is then responsible for submitting the modifications or renewal to BulkRegister via the BulkRegX API or through the BulkRegister web interface.

BulkRegX API V 4.0 returns real-time success or failure messages for each executed command. The success or failure messages may be used by the Partner to provide the end-user with immediate feedback via HTML pages. Success or failure messages may also be used to kick off other pieces of the Partner's application such as back end billing or for capturing information to the Partner's database.

Sub-Accounts BulkRegX API V 4.0 introduces the notion of sub-accounts via the AddCustomer command. A "customer" has the same rights as a BulkRegister member, but only for the subset of domain names they have registered through a BulkRegister member's account. Although a "customer" is assigned a BulkRegister handle, they cannot login to the BulkRegister website as a member.

When a domain name is registered by a member on behalf of a "customer", the name is entered into the BulkRegister database as associated with that "customer". The BulkRegister member has view and edit privileges over all domain name records in their account and all their customer sub-accounts. Each "customer" has view and edit privileges only over the subset of domain name records registered within their sub-account.

Technical Requirements

BulkRegX API is compatible with:

RedHat Linux V6.1

The software requirements for use of Perl is:

Perl Client:

Perl v5.6 (Linux/Unix) - can be found at [url removed, login to view] or

OpenSSL 0.9.3 or greater - a C library, available at [url removed, login to view]

Net::[url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] or greater - a Perl extension for using OpenSSL, available at [url removed, login to view]

Java Client:

JSDK 1.2 or greater

Java 2 Software Development Kit - can be found at [url removed, login to view] - JSSE 1.0.1 or greater

Java Secure Socket Extension - can be found at [url removed, login to view]

What BulkRegister provides: BulkRegister provides BulkRegX API V 4.0 as a self-executing installation file for both Linux/Unix and NT environments. The installation will set up the following directories:

Client Directory: contains the sample Perl clients used to establish

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