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get paid to surf

The project i want full owner/master rights which means you agree to never use my script for resell of anykind. by bidding you agree.

i will pay you by STORMPAY

i don't pay you before i see demo version

mainpage on the website

change themes or styles of script from control panel of script

signup page:

shall ask for name and will not allow any numbers in the name

ADDRESS will allow numbers and letters CITY COUNTRY STATE will not allow numbers

Pick a password field and confirm field payout details what processor and to what email

website name and website addresse must include http://

allow contact from their upline yes or no option

the system will then send a email containing a certain code that you press on to confirm email address.

advertisers account paid membership

members must also have a place to enter their login details

members area

Adding/changing/deleting url's

Assigning unused credits

Changing status by upgrading account

Changing e-mail address

Viewing earnings history

Viewing stats/history

Referral bonuses and earnings on unlimited levels

Buying credits

Upgrade member level automaticly after payout

Win credits surfing

Win cash surfing

Email verification

Resend activation email

Ptc Section PTR Section

Paid to signup area

paid to shop area

view ref stats and ref url

mass payout option

when surfing and you see a website that breaks rule you can report it and it is listed to the url website you clicked abuse on.

Contact admin email

submit a ticket for help with custumizable alert level

you can also veiw any tickets attached to your membership in the area

you should also beable to add more details at any time if they wish before it submits to the database they must enter a random code to verify they are a person then it submits the ticket or reply.

veiw website total members/total ammount in $ ammount shown and payouts

Admin Area

automatic upgrading via paypal egold stormpay moneybookers intgold readycash.

Viewing site stats

Viewing Credits Deficiency

Viewing Cash Deficiency

Changing admin username, password and e-mail address

Setting bonus credits and upgrade units for new members

Set minimum pages to surf before bonus credits awarded

veiw abuse reports made by members about a site they viewed

Setting amount of credits and cash for contest

Setting viewing time for members

Suspend users

veiw abuse reports and the sites connected to that report

Delete, add, disable or enable sites

Sell advertising (credits, banner impressions etc..) and/or member levels

Set timeframe users are classed as inactive

Set new referral bonuses on unlimited levels!

Set referral percentage earnings for credits and cash on unlimited levels!

Set referring page bonus credits

Set site limit per account type -

how many sites a person can have how my they earn by a customizable percentage

customizable ref earnings level on a % basis for their downline upgrading and for credits all cusomizable

Upload referral banners

Automatic FAQ page

Admin mailer - emails to Free's, Pro's, Inactive members, verified/active members Only

Mass payout members

Viewing weekly site earnings credits payouts how many sites where view for up to 7 days stats customizable as well

Cheat Finder

Banner/Text Ad Rotator

Paid to signup manager

Paid to shop manager

Paid to read manger

Paid to Click manager

Banned sites

Banned email addresses and domains

Banned IP addresses

ticket manager a section i can view the tickets by either the alert level or date the ticket was made on or by what email and user id made it.

i can also reply to the tickets from my members area when i reply it will send them an email stating i replied to the ticket they made.

automatic site validation option you can or not activate if you do their is a new page that pops up after they click sites waiting link in admin area they have an option to allow members to validate their own sites or not

if you do or dont their should also be an option that will go though every waiting site to pull up each one for 15 seconds and if it dont break the frame it will validate its self . the another site will come samething again etc....

Customizable payout search you can search all upgrades made within a certain dates with minium cashout requirement set in the admins area as well or you can search for all members over minimum payout ammount

mass pay option with all the search options per processor type.

advertiser memberships manager

option to enable or disable the option for members to be able to view members total earnings in upgrades and payouts totals.

3 different admin users should be able to signin with different usernames and password choosen by the main website owner with customizable limits to view and change certain infomation

for example user admin 1 i choose i want them to be able to access the ticket system and also option to reply

option to view abuse reports and check them

ability to proform a cronjob from the site.

they should not be able to change anything to do with the users upgrade ammount or add earnings or upgrades or delete any members accounts unless i enable the option from the master admin side.

and must included

[url removed, login to view] upgrade for

egold, money bookers, strompay and paypal

[url removed, login to view] surf perday and limit ROI

(i can control it from control panel of script not from file)

3. turing number on members area

4. automatic witdrawal and show on paid list

5. site stats

6. members news

7. automatic refferal commision

8. automatic expired unit upgrade.

9. top refferal contest

[url removed, login to view] langauges files and i or members can choose the default langauge

I will Choose who has best time and price.

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