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Modify Resume Script to Musician Directory Script

This is what I need. I have a resume posting PHP script (view it in action in its normal resume posting capacity at [url removed, login to view] ) now I have another site [url removed, login to view] and have modified the script to fit that site design and changed the resume 'job' categories to DJ genre categories (view the current state of the task here at [url removed, login to view] What I want to do is change the input areas on the registration form from 'work history' 'exeprience' 'education', etc. to fields like 'DJ name' 'Real name' 'label or group affiliation' 'Music Genre', etc. (and right now they can select their 'category' but it will only allow a single category to be selected, I want them to be able to be listed in multiple categories if they select multiple genres instead of just a single one like the script works now) I also want there to be an image input field in the signup form that will display their image on the 'resume' page (which would now be a DJ info page) with the ability to upgrade and post more than one photo for a fee (integration with paypal also) I also want to put the fields in their signup page for MP3 uploads, that will also be viewable on the DJ info page (what is now their resume page) and again the upgrade option that will allow them to post multiple MP3 files if they have upgrade (there would be only two membership types, free and paid, and if they are paid they can add multiple photos and multiple MP3's. I also have a topsite on the site [url removed, login to view] that works on votes rather than hits in or hits out ( it is the nbsdesigns topsite script and you can view it in action on my site here [url removed, login to view]), I want the users first image, their DJ name, and a link to their DJ info page (the resume page) to be inserted into that database (the toplists databse) at the same time they signup to be in the dj listings (resume listings), so basicly every person who signs up for the dj databse will automatically be in the toplist without them needing to 'signup' for the toplist. I also want a 'vote' link for their entry in that toplist to appear in the DJ info page (the resume page). I also want the viewable resume page (the DJ info page that will be displayed to the public containing their information, what si now the resume page that would display their resume to the public) to have a 'comments' part where users can post comments about the DJ. There would need to be a hold function that can be turned on or off that would need the admin intervention to approve the comments before they are visible. There should also be a 'Send this page to a friend' link posted on every DJ info page (publicly viewable resume page). I also want their to be a way to call up databse entries based on the first letter of the DJ name so I can link the letters A, B, C.. etc. to pages that will display all the members whos dj names begin with those letters, just like the categories page shows all the DJs whos genres you select the link for, this would be the same type page just pulling the data up by alphabetic format instead of genre.

This is just modification of an exisitng script, and this whole script is jsut a MySQL databse with a PHP front end so you would just be adding calls and database fields/tables. The other part of it would be the dual MySQL databse updating of the TOP10 script at the same time the membership signup is done for the DJ info page (resume page). Sounds complex but it should actually be pretty easy. I want someone who is good with PHP and anyone who is should see how easy this would be.

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