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PHP Work, DB Related.

Description Of What is Needed:

Offering one free domain (already registered) a week. The winner will be decided by a game of clues. Everyday, starting Mondays, a new clue will be posted for users to view. Users can enter their guess of the domain name being offered once a day, everyday.

Example: The domain name being offered is brandnameluggage.com. On day one, the first clue would be “You travel with this, it is a necessity” (Luggage). On day two, the second clue would be “Samsonite, American Tourister, Hartmann” (Brand Name). One day three, assuming nobody has got it right, the clue would be “Number of words = -gry”. hungry, angry, aggry are the only three English words ending in –gry, a hint that this is a three word domain, etc. etc.

When a user guesses right, he wins the domain, first user to answer correctly gets it. If, at the end of 7 days nobody has gotten it right, the contest will continue into the next week, with the clues becoming more obvious, and the new domain will start immediately following the end of the current contest.

If a user gets it right before the 7th day, a new contest will start the following day with its clues being more difficult at first, so to get back on track.

To keep users entertained, and to promote long visits, we will publish articles on the domain business, and current events in the industry. Adding a forum may even be a possibility down the road.

Note: Dates and days are not important, the administrator should be able to start and end a new contest on any day at any time.

What is Needed:

A website is needed, with a user system, and administrator system. All database backed.

1. User registration system that collects a good amount of information about them.

2. Ability to log in, change some portions of their information.

3. Users must be able to enter their “guess” and have it checked against the correct answer, if they are the first one to get it right, they must be notified.

4. Once a user gets the answer right, the admin must be notified of the user who was correct, all by logging in.

5. Database must keep all the daily clues ever entered, and every users guess, so they can go back and check on it.

6. The administrator must be able to set the new contest after the previous one is over. This needs to be done by having the administrator enter in the domain name (answer). Then the ability to enter clues to be displayed on the webpage.

7. All clues must be saved forever!

8. All clues/answers must be saved in a database for the particular domain (answer) for archiving purposes.

9. Users must be able to go back and see their guess’s on previous contests and the correct answer to that contest in question.

10. This must all be done in an easy to design around way, as to give our designers no problem in integrating the script.

Kĩ năng: PHP

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