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Minecraft Horse Plugin

Plugin name: Equigold

Server version: 1.8.9 or 1.8.8

I'm looking for:

Horse Ownership

Horse Transferring

Horse List

Horse info list, ex.

Horse show name

Horse barn name





Hunger bar

Thirst bar

Hygiene bar (Horses can be groomed with blaze rod and flint)

Horse fertility: Geldings cannot be bred, horses over the age of 25 cannot be bred nor become pregnant.


Pregnancy indicator

Vet work: vaccinations to make it so that they cannot get sick, such as colic, and other common sicknesses (wouldn't need a lot, just a few common and rare ones)

Farrier work: Horses being shod

Dentist: For cavities ect.

A sickness indicator

I do not want horses to be able to have gained stats from training.

I'd like a set home kind of thing so that when you type a certain command it brings them to a set home.

I'd like admin commands to be able to change horse age, gender, color, breed, and make them auto foal, also, I'd like vets to be able to abort pregnancies just incase they were an accident.

I'd like breeding to be done naturally and the horses that breed have to be together for a certain amount of time and gain a liking to eachother.

I'd also like lunging and crossties. I'd also like for horses to gain a relationship with someone so that they can stop rearing, so that would be with training.

Thank you, for anyone who'd like to do this, please go ahead! It would mean a lot to me. :-)

I cant really pay a lot, I'd prefer someone who'd be willing to do it for free with all rights to you over the plugin and you can have a special rank on my server ect., and anything else on the server you'd like.

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