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Prolog Job by palexandru81

The purpose of the game is to make a player for Quantum tic-tac-toe which is and extention of the tic-tac-toe normal game , where you can put more symbols in the same cell.


[url removed, login to view]

The predicate collapse/3 which using the measurements fixes the conditional variables to that measurement and reduces

the list of bindings to the ones not afected by the measurement.

collapse(+Entanglements, +Measurement, -LeftEntanglements).

2. The game Strategy

The predicate move/4 measure/5 for a player of Quantum tic-tac-toe.

move(+Symbol, +Board, +Entanglements, -Move)

measure(+Symbol, +Board, +Cycle, +OtherEntanglements, -Measurement)

The definitions are put in my_player.pl. The prediacte my_player/2

my_player(move, measure).

The archive contains:

[url removed, login to view] - the file where is implemented the logic of the game

[url removed, login to view] - predicates used to draw the bord

[url removed, login to view] - file than contains the predicate human_move and human_measure witch defines a player and the moves and measurements he gates from stdin

[url removed, login to view] - file than contains the predicate random_move și random_measure witch define that picks the moves and measurements random

[url removed, login to view] - file than contains

[url removed, login to view] - file used for testing the predicate collapse/3 .

[url removed, login to view] - file used to test the validity of the moves of a player(useful to tell if the moves or the measurements are validcorecte)

[url removed, login to view] - file used for players to confrunt

[url removed, login to view] - file where complatate the predicate collapse/3

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