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Gstreamer Python - sync-message::element dont work

I want insert any video input and make segmentation to hls .ts with python and gstreamer.

I'm trying with python code below, but i can not receiving the sync-message::element, the video file is generated but dont call on_element function with structure name GstMultiFileSink to divide de video, it's generate only one video file. which leads me To believe that something is missing in my gstreamer command.

#! /usr/bin/python

import sys, time

import gi


gi.require_version('GstVideo', '1.0')

from [url removed, login to view] import GObject, Gst, GstVideo

[url removed, login to view](None)

class HLS:

def __init__(self, output_folder, seg_duration=10):

[url removed, login to view] = 'test'

self.segment_count = 0

self.last_stream_time = 0

self.seg_duration = seg_duration

[url removed, login to view] = None

[url removed, login to view] = None

[url removed, login to view] = False

self.output_folder = output_folder

def on_eos(self, bus, msg):

print 'EOS reached'

self.pipeline.set_state([url removed, login to view])

[url removed, login to view] = True

def on_error(self, bus, msg):

error = msg.parse_error()

print '*** ERROR *** :', error[1]

self.pipeline.set_state([url removed, login to view])

def on_element(self, bus, msg):

structure = msg.get_structure()

print structure.get_name()

if structure.get_name() != "GstMultiFileSink":


#filename = structure['filename']

#duration = [url removed, login to view]['stream-time'] - self.last_stream_time

self.last_stream_time = structure['stream-time']


def create_pipeline(self):

print "Creating pipeline with:\nsrc: " + [url removed, login to view]

#it's only a test

[url removed, login to view] = Gst.parse_launch("urisourcebin uri=[url removed, login to view]@156521/[url removed, login to view] ! multifilesink location="+self.output_folder+"/%[url removed, login to view] sync=true next-file=key-unit-event post-messages=true")

[url removed, login to view] = self.pipeline.get_bus()



[url removed, login to view]('sync-message::eos', self.on_eos)

[url removed, login to view]('sync-message::error', self.on_error)

[url removed, login to view]('sync-message::element', self.on_element)

self.pipeline.set_state([url removed, login to view])


self.pipeline.set_state([url removed, login to view])

def request_new_segment(self):

self.segment_count += 1

target_time = self.last_stream_time + (self.seg_duration * [url removed, login to view])

print "Requesting new segment [" + str(self.segment_count) + "] at: " + str(target_time)

self.pipeline.send_event (GstVideo.video_event_new_upstream_force_key_unit(running_time=target_time, all_headers=True, count=self.segment_count))

test = HLS('/root/teste')


[url removed, login to view](50)

Kỹ năng: Python, Chiếu video

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