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Inviting ambitious freelancers to embark on an exciting journey to develop a cutting-edge, AI-enabled web application for my college major project. This application aims to leverage Python for backend development and utilize either Angular or ReactJS for crafting a dynamic, user-friendly front-end interface. The core focus will rest on implementing machine learning functionalities while ensuring the front end seamlessly displays dynamic data. **Key Requirements:** - **Python Development:** Proficiency in Python is crucial, as it'll serve as the backbone for our application's backend and machine learning components. - **Machine Learning Implementation:** Previous experience or knowledge in applying machine learning algorithms using Python. You should be able to integrate these algorithms to process and analyze data dynamically. - **Front-End Development (Angular/ReactJS):** Skilled in either Angular or ReactJS, you will develop an interactive, responsive front-end that excels at displaying dynamic data fetched from the backend. A keen eye for UI/UX design will be beneficial. - **Project Focus Areas:** - Both machine learning and front-end development hold equal importance. The project seeks a balance of functionality and user engagement. - The front end must feature capabilities to effectively present dynamic data, integrating machine learning outputs in an accessible manner. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in Python programming. - Experience with machine learning frameworks and libraries. - Proficient in front-end development using Angular or ReactJS, with a portfolio showcasing dynamic web applications. - Ability to work collaboratively in a project team environment. - Excellent communication skills to clearly articulate progress and hurdles. This project not only provides an opportunity to work on innovative technology but also serves as a stepping stone for those looking to showcase their skills in both machine learning and front-end development. If you possess the expertise and drive to contribute to this exciting project, I look forward to your proposal.
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Drawing on my more than half-decade of hands-on experience in Python, my wide-ranging portfolio features dynamic projects that align perfectly with your vision. Not only have I mastered the language for backend development, but I am adept at leveraging Python to deploy advanced machine learning models and make sense of large datasets in real-time - an absolute necessity for your project's goals. As a seasoned Data Scientist, I bring valuable expertise on board from not only Python but also Flask, FastAPI, Selenium, Beautifulsoup to tackle complex web scraping and automation challenges we may encounter. Combined with my skills using imperative machine learning frameworks like Pandas/Numpy and Tensor, I can seamlessly integrate these powerful tools with your envisioned frontend while enabling enhanced data analysis. Front-end coincides with my inclination towards building intuitive user interfaces and crafting engaging experiences that retain users. Satisfied engagements with Angular and ReactJS in the past attest to my submission to learning new technologies and adapting quickly. Working collaboratively and maintaining effective communication lines is my forte - ensuring we're always on the same page throughout our journey towards developing this cutting-edge AI-powered web application.
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I can develop a cutting-edge, AI-enabled web application for your college major project. I am a freelancer having 7 years of experience in Python Language Development. I'm having the following skills in python: ◈ Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in python ◈ R programming ◈ Jupyter notebook and Google Colab ◈ Data structures and Algorithms ◈ Web development with frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Streamlit and others ◈ Machine learning, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence ◈ Database integration, including SQL and NoSQL ◈ Data analysis and visualizations ◈ Text processing and natural language processing, Tokenization ◈ Debugging and troubleshooting ◈ Functional programming ◈ Tkinter I hope I'm a good candidate for your project. I will deliver your project on time with quality assurance at affordable price. Please message me so that we can discuss more about your project.
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Avatar người dùng
Hi! I have previous experience with developing AI based dynamic web apps with expertise in Python, ReactJs, ML/DL and Flask. Look forward to discussing this project in detail. Thanks!
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Avatar người dùng
Hello there, I hope you are doing well. I am Navina. I am a skilled developer adept in Python, machine learning, and front-end frameworks like AngularJS. Having completed numerous successful AI and dynamic web application projects, I can contribute my experience in developing well-thought-out solutions that combine strong backend functionality with captivating user interfaces. I am skilled in Python, JavaScript, and machine learning frameworks. I also have practical AngularJS expertise. Proficiency with Git guarantees efficient and cooperative development. I have successfully delivered AI-driven web applications, demonstrating my prowess in Python-backed machine learning and front-end development in the past. The project's success hinges on a harmonious integration of Python, machine learning, and dynamic front-end development. My approach involves leveraging Python's robust backend capabilities for seamless machine learning integration. For the front end, I'll utilize Angular or React JS to craft an interactive interface, ensuring dynamic data presentation aligns with machine learning outputs. It will be great if we discuss this more in detail. I will provide you with the portfolio too. Best Regards Navina
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