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Rss mix with filter by words

I need to change this page [url removed, login to view] (I send as attached file).

Currently the page show three feed rss from Google Groups via an external system that creates a mix of feed rss (feedinformer).

The rss feeds mixed are::

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

I would use a different way to show these feed. For exsample using these code or a similar code:

Visualizzazione dei post in ordine di pertinenza per la query rss. Ordina per data Mostra tutti i post



Dim arr_rss(10)






FOR k=0 TO 4

rssURL = arr_rss(k)

Set objXML = [url removed, login to view]("msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0")

[url removed, login to view] = false

[url removed, login to view] "ServerHTTPRequest", True

[url removed, login to view] =false

[url removed, login to view] = false

rssFile = [url removed, login to view](rssURL)

'Se ci sono errori stampo a video

If Not rssFile Then

'[url removed, login to view] "Non ci sono notizie<br>per favore avvisate il webmaster"

'Se NON ci sono errori proseguo...





'Recupero i dati dai nodi Item (e sotto nodi)

Set objNodeList = [url removed, login to view]("item")

For Each objNode In objNodeList

'stampo a video...


IF conta>=limite_min AND conta<=limite_max THEN

For Each objNode2 In [url removed, login to view]

Select Case [url removed, login to view]

Case "title"

strTitle = [url removed, login to view]

Case "link"

strURL = [url removed, login to view]

Case "description"

strDesc = [url removed, login to view]

End Select


[url removed, login to view] "<b><a href=""" & strURL & """ target=""_blank"">" &_

strTitle & "</a></b><br>" & Replace(Left(strDesc,420),"<a","<a target=_blank") & "</b>...<br><br><br>"


'azzero tutto per il prossimo passaggio

strTitle = ""

strURL = ""

strDescription = ""


set objNodeList = Nothing

End if



This code need to be tested and integrated with a filter for words.

I wish to suppress some post that contain offensive content.

The words to insert in the filter may be single words or multiple words for example:

"" Cremonesi "" "" sborrato nel culo"" ""stronzo"" ""viagra"" etc ...

If a post contains these words should not be shown and I must be able to add other words in the string to filter what I dont wont show.

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