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I have been trying to scour the internet for a good myspace bulletin poster program, but surprisingly I haven't found one that have met my needs. I am hoping someone here has what I am looking for. Forgive me, but I will make references to some commonly known MySpace Bot programs.

Essentially, what I am looking for is the ability to post a specific bulletin on all my myspace accounts every X minutes, X amount of times. If you are familiar with FriendBlaster Pro, you will know what I am talking about. FBP has that option, however it flawed. If I have 20 accounts, I must open up 20 different FriendBlaster Pro programs for each account.

There is another bulletin poster program from DragonBots which actually allows you to load in as many accounts as you would like and it will post a bulletin on each account. However, it will only do this once. There is no way to automate it so it does this, for example, once every hour for 10 hours.

What I want is a combination of these two programs. I want the ability to post bulletins every X minutes, X amount of times like FriendBlaster allows. And I also want the ability to "chain" all the accounts together so the program will post a bulletin on one account and then move on to the next.

In addition to all of that, I want to have an "Anti-Flooding" option. This is available on FriendBlaster Pro and what it does is delete your previous bulletin posting when posting a new bulletin.

I do not expect to pay a lot for this program since all you could do is just take the DragonBot Bulletin Poster and make a small script to start it every X minutes, X amount of times. So, I have set a maximum budget for this project at $50.

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