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161030 Articles Re-write

I have about 45 articles to re-write. Here are my re-write guidelines.

Rewrite for website

Here're the step by step instructions to rewrite articles

Step 1) Rewrite the title

Browse through the article, get an idea of what the article is talking about, then rewrite the title.

Rules for writing good titles

- It must look interesting. The title is the first thing that people see when they do a search on the Search Engines. If your title looks interesting, they are more likely to click to your website than other people's website.

- It must be related to the content of the article.

- Try to use the keywords in the beginning of the title.

Step 2) Rewrite the article

It is important that you rewrite EVERY sentence in the article. If possible, try to IMPROVE the content so that it adds more values to readers. You can go to [url removed, login to view] to check if your rewritten article is unique.

Here is what I'll do when I rewrite articles

- First, I will do a quick search on a topic that is related to my article. For example, if I'm working on a topic on "Headache", I will go to [url removed, login to view] and search for "Headache Articles". I usually end up having a few quality websites about headache.

- Next, I'll look for some ideas that I can add on to the article. For example, say I'm writing an article on "Home Remedy For Headache". The original article should have some remedies stated, but to improve the value of the article, I'll look at those websites I've found earlier and see if there are more remedies that I can add in. (You can't copy the remedies word for word from those website of course because they are copyrighted. But no one can sue you for learning an idea and re-presenting it in your own words).

Disclaimer: It's illegal to copy articles that are copyrighted. I'm not suggesting that you can copy other people's work.

- I will also open up other private label articles and copy some of the content that may be useful into the article.

- Finally, I'll rewrite the whole articles using the following tricks:

i) If I can think of a phrase that can be added or replace another phrase, I'll just go ahead an do it.

ii) If I see that the word may have other similar replacement, I'll use the "synonyms" function in Microsoft Words to find a good replacement. (The synonyms function will appear when you go to any word in Microsoft Words, right click and move your mouse to the word synonyms. The list of alternative words will appear.)

iii) If I see that it is possible to present part of the articles in bullets form, I'll do it.

For example

Original article:

There are many advantage of using this. First, you can do this and that. Second, you can get this and that. Last, it has all these functions.

Rewritten article:

There are many advantage of using this.

1) First, you can do this and that.

2) Second, you can get this and that.

3) Last, it has all these functions.

iv) Sometimes, I will also swap the content from article with the content from another article and also swap the location of each paragraph within the article itself.

Step 3) Optimize the article for Search Engines

This is very important if you want to get good ranks in Search Engine. In fact, if your article is not unique and it is not search engine optimized, I will not build your website when I receive your rewritten articles. I will send you and email and ask you to redo.

1) The keywords must be mentioned in the FIRST sentence of the FIRST paragraph. (Note: It's First sentence, not just within the first paragraph. You CAN have more keywords in the remaining of the first paragraph, but at least one MUST be found in the FIRST sentence.)

2) The keywords must be mentioned in the Last paragraph.

3) Overall keyword density should be 1 to 3%. (Generally, I just make sure every paragraph has 1 - 3 keywords)

4) Try to mention keywords in subheadlines too.

Rewrite Articles For Directory

Here are the guidelines

1) Go back to the article set you've downloaded in Step 1 and combine 3 to 4 articles into one article. This combined article will be very long, about 1200 to 1600 words.

2) Shuffle the contents in the combined article, delete those that are redundant and trim down the article into 700 to 800 words. (Be sure that you keep those information that can benefit the readers and delete those that are not as useful).

3) Provide an interesting and relevant title to the new article.

I usually like to use titles that either provide a solution to a problem OR tell people that there is a problem! For example, I will try to use titles such as "5 ways to improve your backyard design" or "The danger of laser eye surgery". These are topics that will arouse people's interests and they are more likely to read.

Some other titles that I like to use include "5 ways to....", "How to....", "The danger of ...", "4 benefits of ...", "5 lessons you can learn about..".

4) Make the final article unique

A quick and dirty method to make the article unique is to use the "synonyms" function in Microsoft Words (I already teach you how to do that in Step 2) and replace 1 to 2 words in every sentence or 3 words if the sentence is long. There is no need to rephrase all the sentences.

Check the uniqueness of the article using [url removed, login to view] to make sure that it is at least 70% unique.

5) Repeat this for 4 other articles

This should an easy job for those who have done it before.

The topic is about insomnia. Only those experienced need apply

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