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Web development 6 ngày left

I need some changes to an existing website. Waste management erp system development

₫12576989 - ₫25153977
₫12576989 - ₫25153977
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I am in need of an accounts manager tool. I need a program like the one attached in picture. I need to be about to send text messages with 500+ TextNow accounts. Program should be able to use a text list to run through accounts. Format: AccountName:Password

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I need a GDPR Opencart 2.x and 3.x module.

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I want to creat a company for managing the parking problems in india.

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We need a unique logo design for a german Restaurant, offering german cuisine. The name of the Restaurant is "Sperling" and should be included in the Design. Sperling is german for the bird sparrow. It is necessary that a sparrow is part of the Design as well. The logo you should provide to us needs to work in black and white too. The colored logo should include a brown similar too the ...

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Hello, for my english class I need to get some pro arguments for the topic: why and how giving away personal data to companys like facebook, google etc is somehow a benefit for the people (also refer to the latest facebook data scandal) I need to fill 10 minutes of speaking with pro arguments; all in all it's a discussion where me and two others discuss about this topic (pro, cons, moderator)...

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₫639871 Gi\u00e1 \u0111\u1eb7t trung b\u00ecnh
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We need to set up URL links, which when sent via email and clicked, according to whom it was sent, would trigger automatic update of custom checkbox field in SalesForce for contact or lead record. When URL is clicked, as a result, only minimal message needs to be displayed with no buttons. We would need two URL types, one with lead id and one with contact id to separately update lead and contact r...

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Looking for help building a page in a GoDaddy template. It needs to be in list format with photo on left, then a description, and then price. I want to build out a menu for a restaurant. I have pasted a link below of the style I am looking for. I do not need the side option selection table though and would like to be able to place section titles such as, Appetizers, Entrees, etc.

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I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. I need an XL spreadsheet report that combines several different reports from my current software into one usable XL spreadsheet report

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Its gonna be a short video like 45 seconds or a minute at top. Its gonna be about an app which is gonna be live in 3 weeks. What we expect from this animation is to explain the very features of the app.

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