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Connect the BuildBox API Game Engine to Realtime Google SpreadSheet published CSV file

Hi, I want to create a connection from the BuildBox game API to a Google Spreadsheet that has been published online as a CSV file.

I then want to be able to set an animation path of a character in the scene (not the main player) according to a a value (cell reference) in the Google Spreadsheet.

So if there is a grid of 26 X 26 grid in Buildbox and the character us at scale 1x1x1 (XYZ) then the grid can fit a character on every square just as it would in a game of chess. The current reference for example (cell A2) needs to be read by an Advanced Script in Buildbox that is connected to the Google API (published CSV file) and then if it changes to say G2 then the character would need to run to that cell. From A2 to G2. You could use a refresh interval of 60 seconds and once the character got to the cell it could then play an idle animation (stationary).

I need to then replicate this for say 26 characters each of which need to be named and referenced individually.

Kĩ năng: Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Buildbox, Lập trình C, Thiết kế trò chơi

ID dự án: #28325420