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Camera operator/videographer at a ceremony

Film a live indoor ceremony as best you can within the specified constraints. 

Duration and location: about 1 hour in Littleport, Cambridgeshire on Thursday 1 September at 1pm. 

Dress code: business casual or lounge suit. 

Deliverables: the unedited footage, 1080p25 or better, as shot at your best bitrate in H.264, H.265 or comparable format, and your static or animated ident (or plain text), if you want it included in end credits.  

You will need your own, fully self-contained equipment with battery good enough for an hour or better in one continuous take, and your own transport to the venue (parking is available).  Mains power will likely be available, but don't rely on it being where you need it. This is not a commercial event.

Physical constraints: Tripod-mounted cameras only.  A second, unattended camera with fixed focal length and focus would be ideal if available.  Available light only, but lighting conditions should be reasonably consistent.  Placement is probably flexible within reason, but you won't be able to move around during the ceremony. Deep focus is not required and you'll need all the light you can get, so feel free to shoot as wide open as provides adequate DoF for the subject.

Sound: a shotgun on each camera, plus line-level mono XLR feed from the mixer to the main camera for sync in post.

In fact, this is pretty much just a classic church wedding for an older couple.  The reason we're not hiring a "conventional" wedding videographer is that their packages don't suit either the nature and constraints of the job, what we actually need done or the purpose for which we want the footage. Wedding videographers are welcome, of course, provided the quote reflects the work we're actually asking of you.

Subjects of particular interest include what you'd expect: the exchange of vows, rings etc and signing of the register.  Frame the lectern during the Bible reading, the couple and the celebrant as appropriate.  Entrance of bride/exit of couple would be nice, but assumed to be infeasible given the constraints.

There will be a vocal quartet near the organist, who is a man of some accomplishment, both of whom would make for good B-roll eg on the second camera.

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