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8414 convert Visual FoxPro program

We currently have a program written in Visual FoxPro v6. It is time for some upgrades and would like it converted to Visual Basic for more control over printing issues and adding new functionality. There are about 20 screens currently. Download a trial version to see how it currently works (see [url removed, login to view]). We want to add the following: 1. Redo the printing process. We will need to have better way to adjust the printer. 2. Allow printing to old CMS1500 format as well as new CMS1500 format. 3. Create new insurance database which includes information about billing specifics such as pricing and which insurance claim form to print. 4. When displaying insurance carriers (box 9d and 11c) "drop down box" change to display alphabetically. When displaying patient name (box 2) "drop down box" change to display alphabetically. 5. Add new POS codes from CMS to the official "drop down box" for 24B. 6. Need ability to not print dashes for phone numbers (this is requirement for some medicare carriers) Remove the editing feature on the name for commas (some medicare carriers don't want commas). Would it be possible to have the edit feature work for everyone else, but just turned off they select Medicare for the carrier? Possibly flag setting in new insurance database. 7. Add some new reports: A) Patient listing report - addresses and phone numbers B) Patient labels for mailing? C) Report of provider addresses D) Report of insurance addresses 8. Also allow non-printing of decimals. Tied to insurance carrier database. On/off flag might get cumbersome for each patient. 9. Non-printing of all commas 10. Allow printing setting of printing two claims at once. 11. Revisit issue of [Same] for boxes 4 and 7. What is official medicare policy? To Same or not to SAme. 12. Box 11 allow NONE which will require capability to edit the information in Box 11 while allowing nothing to be checked for box 11d. 13. Add the new TOS charges from Medicare into the "drop down" menu. 14. Add ability to do Batch claim printing. For example, the provider does claims once a month and just wants to print them all at once. They may also use this feature to allow for printing to a text file which can then be sent to a clearing house. 15. Report of Unpaid claims? Claims that have a balance greater than zero. 16. All dates should print as MMDDYYYY. Medicare wants consistency. Either all as MM DD YY or all as MM DD YYYY. The YYYY seems to be the new standard. This includes box 14 (date of injury), 15, 16, &18. 17. When doing a backup, give warning when there is not enough space on the drive where the data files are being written to. (i.e. the size of the data files is greater than the available space - like 1.2 MB on a floppy). We have issues backing up to a CD, so it would be nice if we could resolve that issue and allow backing up to a CD. The issue is that writing to a CD does not write immediately. 18. Box 13 editing capability needed. If Box 12 is checked (Patient Signature), then default to having box 13 checked but allow user on same screen to uncheck if needed. 19. New Fees table. This new section will allow them to do their fee pricing upgrades all at once. Need to allow more than one schedule (up to 5) which can then be linked to the new insurance carrier database. 20. Add module to send a claim to QuickBooks as an invoice. I know QB has an import feature that others are using. If we do add this, it would need to be included as a separate module that a password could be used to turn it on, otherwise it would be listed but non-functional. 21. Electronic claims module add-on. Print to batch file with window asking where they would like to send their files. 22. Backup function needs to be made "idiot-proof". Suggest having automatic backups done in a c:\iclaimbackup directory with subfolders for the individual date (Monday-Sunday). That way when they need to do a restore, they can pick the date which they would like to restore from. 23. Drop down list of backup locations (when they do a backup, saved to a place where we keep track of the name and then allow them to see the list and then choose from either their own backups along with the automatic backups done by InstaClaim to this "hidden" directory. 24. Add modifier drop down list like we have for TOS and POS. 25. As part of the insurance carrier upgrade, the list needs to be alphabetical. 26. Box 20, outside lab needs to be able to be left blank. Not just Yes or No. 27. Make sure trial version pops up to say "Thank you for evaluating InstaClaim version x' where x is the version number. That way if prices change because there is a new version, they will not be upset and asking for the old price. 28. Allow Phone number to print with dashes or without dashes. Some payors want dashes, some don't. We don't know which ones will want a dash or not. Perhaps have this as a flag to set with the insurance carrier database. More detailed instructions on the new enhancements will be made available when the bid is awarded.

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