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116140 Snapshot and backup tool

I am looking for someone who can code an application to run on Windows (ideally 98 onwards) that will, once run, take a snapshot of certain folders and then make an identical copy of them all to another location on the hard drive. It shouldn't be necessary to copy any files/info from the registry, I only want to move files (altho some of them may be Temp files).

When the application is closed the files from the new location will then be copied back to their original locations.

It needs to run in Windows, from an icon being clicked. Other than that it just needs to run in the background. It shouldn't need any sort of GUI at least once installed it won't.

The app will make copies (to a different and pre-defined location) of certain folders on start up.

When the app is closed by the user, the files that were copied over will be restored to their original locations - overwriting any changes that happened during the time the app was running.

Only certain folders (with their contents) need to be copied over.

This app needs to work on any Windows PC (ideally 98 onwards), so it would work as well on a friend's PC as it does mine running XP sp2.

I don't know if it possible for the app to look up the locations of certain programmes on install or start-up (eg. IE, Firefox, Media player, Quick time, etc) and then from that it would know which folders to move (history, temp files, etc) - without the user having to do the look up with paths each time?

Maybe this could be done on initial install on to a PC?

This project was posted at the end of last year, but work commitments prevented me moving forward with it.

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