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123604 Program to manage entries

Purpose: Display entries in chronological order that can be tagged for grouping and searched

Types of entries:

- Exported text ICQ log files (date / time / author / message body / text file for source / ICQ db source file)

- Phone call entries (date / time / length of call / phone # in / phone # out / transcript summary / full transcript body / tape source identifier / tape source digital file)

- Message board (forum) entries (date / time / author / is reply to prior message? if so connect to message / message body / screenshot file for source)


- Must link file location to entry (visually can state type of source- eg: ICQ)

- Allow tag keywords for each entry

- Entry types to have custom colors settable- color for author for author column, color for entry type for message column

- Allow for multiple entries to be grouped and tag(s) to be applied to the grouping

- Automatic time-lapse entries for periods longer than 24 hours to be placed between entries

- Allow manual entry for all entry types

- Don't allow duplicate entries when re-importing files

- Allow comment(s) to be added to individual entries or grouped entries

- If entry double-clicked list all available information for entry + have a link to edit / add information for entry

- DO NOT TOUCH SOURCE FILES, all data to be saved in new DB files

Display options:

- Display by chronological order & reverse order

- Filter: Display specific tag(s) only, Display specific type(s) only

- Message board type entries in tree format or just chronological

- Allow selectable defaults for all

Search options:

- Go to 'Next instance of' with showing all entries

- Show only entries with search term

Entry Display (basic):

Type: [type names] Author: Nysus Date: March 7, 2007 Time: 12:24 PM

[body content here]

[type names] = ICQ, Phone, Forum

[body content here] = ICQ message body, Phone transcript summary ELSE full transcript ELSE tape source identifier, Forum message body ELSE screenshot for file source


- I'd like it be quick to use and flip and browse through all information, to search, to edit info, to read easily too.


- Save list of search terms used

- Error checking- dump the unprocessed information into a file whenever importing of ICQ log text file has trouble importing (for future manual entry or to allow me to problem solve later)


- Allow timestamped backups of seperate DB + source files compressed (must be 0 loss rate, especially if importing old data)


- I may need some future additions or simple changes at a fair price and return time- these changes would likely be navigational changes

- I may want a version written in Mac so will need database structures labelled as to how things are stored

Sample of ICQ text log:

Date : 6/24/2005    Time : 12:24 PM

To : Nysus

bought it awhile ago, thanks though :)

Date : 6/24/2005    Time : 12:24 PM

From : blahblah

i like that name, good find


If I have missed an important piece of information or if anyone has questions concerning what I want, please PM me. I'm willing to work with whomever I choose though asking knit-picky details isn't fun, and I'm hoping the person will have a basic understanding and ability to make logical decisions for themselves as for what to do.

I don't know what this program will cost though I see it as a basic content manager- hopefully I can attract some decent people with decent bids.

I'd appreciate if you could provide screenshots of user-interfaces you've done- even doing a quick mock-up of how entries will be displayed could make me choose your bid.

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Delphi, Visual Basic

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