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Voice Controlled PDA database application


This project will be one of many. I am looking to form a working relationship with someone but I don't have much free time, I require someone who can FOLLOW DIRECTIONS FLAWLESSLY and IS AN ABSOLUTE EXPERT in mobile computing, voice recognition software, Microsoft Access and Visual Basic For Applications (VBA). Please do not respond if your still learning or are a generalist and think that you can handle a very customized Access app.

Please do not waste your time and mine replying if you do not respond exactly as I will outline below:

In your response please explain how you would go about solving the following problem. Keep in mind that I am a programmer myself and an expert in database development. I'm looking for an explicit, detailed answer so that I know you have what it takes to successfully complete this project.


The client requires a very customized "to-do" list/idea reminder application. Off-the-shelf software will not handle the very specific and unusual functionality that he needs.

His application will consist of a MS Access database for the backend.

This app does not need networking capabilites as it will be a stand-alone app for his personal use.

The front end will also be written in MS Access. The interface must be 95% voice controlled.

The application must be run on some mobile computing environment 99% of the time (Pocket PC, Palm etc??).

A solution such as an ultra-portable computer is not a useful

given the 2-3 hour battery life constraints.

At this point the client was considering using Dragon Naturally Speaking as the voice recognition software.

I will be developing the database itself.

Please address the following questions:

Can we use software like Dragon Naturally speaking to completely control an MS Access database interface/Enter data in a mobile pc environment?

Here is an example of how this scenario might play out:

Client has his mobile computer in his pocket turned on while stuck in traffic. He has his headset/microphone on his ear. He has an idea for a new screenplay.

He speaks a word into the microphone and the custom MS Access database App is invoked.

He speaks a word into the microphone and the custom app opens the "new idea" entry screen.

He has some kind of dialog with the application:

Client: new record

Client: idea name - "screenplay"

Client: idea description - ".....whatever it is"

Client: Close screen


How would this be done?

How is the voice command mapped to execute a command in the MS Access interface. I this something that is written on the VBA side like some kind of Listener routine?

What special considerations are needed on the Dragon Voice recogntion side besides the usually vocal pattern learning etc?

Again, let me reiterate. I need something that goes beyond just controlling menu bars and taking dictation.

The voice commands must be mapped to the very specific user defined functions in the database.


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