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147065 Guitar tuition graphic program

Overall objective of the project

The objective of the project is to create a piece of software that facilitates the easy, fast creation of strumming patterns, box positions and basic tab in jpeg format.


Example strumming pattern (arrows)

Notes: Ignore web address. Bars-lines should be double-thickness, and black.

Example box position (circles)

Notes: Ignore web address. Quality needs to be better than this. Circles could be approx 40% larger.

Example tab (numbers)

Notes: Ignore promotional line through centre. Spacing incorrect, but spacing between first two zeros is about right for normal spacing, and spacing between 0 2 is about right for half-spaces (between letters / numbers and numbers / letters), as defined later.


A piece of software, that I have exclusive rights over, that meets the objective and deliverable requirements.

The raw code as well as the executable version.

Deliverable requirements

Strumming pattern creator

Screen displays a bar-line to begin with, followed by the first arrow, automatically displayed as a long down-arrow.

If a bar-line is 100%, a long arrow is 80% and a small arrow is 40%.

100% would equate to approx 30mm, if the jpeg were imported into Word.

First arrow can be toggled between being a long or short arrow by pressing the space bar.

Pressing the return key adds the next arrow. An arrow can be replaced by a bar-line by hitting Tab.

A down arrow is followed by an up arrow, and an up arrow is followed by a down arrow.

Each arrow can be toggled between long and short (spacebar).

Left and right cursor keys can be used to move the cursor between arrows, allowing changes.

Arrows can be toggled (long / short) at any time during the process.

Box creator

User is required to input the width in frets and define the start fret. Maximum 30 frets (example box position = 6 frets wide) and the start fret is indicated by an asterix (example box position shows a start fret of 2).

Screen displays the empty box (grid with no circles).

Circles can be added by simply pointing the mouse and clicking.

Circles can be toggled between black, grey or no-fill with the space bar.

Tab creator

Screen displays six lines within a box.

Cursor can be moved around the tab lines using cursor keys.

Numbers (between 0 and 30) can be placed on the tab lines.

Letters can be placed on the tab lines (p,h,b,s envisaged but any allowed).

A normal space between each number / letter.

Space-bar can be used to insert additional normal spaces.

Space is halved if a letter is followed by a number, or a number followed by a letter.

Bar-line can be added at will (a bar-line = same as box sides).

Common functions and output

Bar-lines can be inserted at any time / place (not required for boxes).

Del key operates as expected.

Patterns and boxes can be stored at any time.

Completed patterns and boxes can be exported as a jpeg.

Ideally, jpeg quality can be selected / adjusted.

When imported into Word, a jpeg should default to maximum width of 160mm and a maximum height of 240mm.

Assuming the maximum sizes have not been exceeded, jpegs should be the size of the pattern or box plus a border of 5mm.

All jpegs should have a border of 5mm, this being factored into the maximum size of 160 x 240mm.

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