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Save & print OWC11 spreadsheet control from vb6

I have a owc11 spreadsheet component in my existing vbapp and it's work very fine. Normally we use excel to do this.

We make aproximatically 1000 spreadsheets in one year, 1 For every product calculation

For a calculation we starting from a template spreadsheet that we then

save individually. Now i want to make a all in one app. that i don't need to switch from Excel to my vbapp. I want to save a OWC

Spreadsheat or open a saved OWCsheet in my vbapp, that i dont need to open Excel

I have +- 300 values to store for

2 sheets in one workbook.

I want to print the sheet directly

from my vbapp, that i dont need to export them first to Excel

I use the OWC 11 component, and vb6.0 sp6

In the attachment you find the first sheet of the two sheets (the second sheet like smilar to the first but it's not finished), so you can see what er must be saved and print from a OWC11 control.

Thanks for help

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