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This is a long term obligation, and a full time commitment. Here is a little background on me:

I have been developing applications for clients as big as Bank of America, Florida Department of Defense, MetLife, Publix Supermarkets, Wendy's, Verizon, KB Homes, University of South Florida, K-Force, and many others. Typically I average over $120,000 in development projects each year. However, all the projects I receive are offered to me by word of mouth. I have been in the industry long enough and have a strong enough reputation that such is the case. If I were to have someone that would gather the specifications of a project from the Clients, talk with the Clients about their specific application needs and also an overall direction of software for their business, and handle other tasks associated with client relations and business management, then I would be able to easily generate income at over $1 million per year.

Therefore, I am looking for an individual to be my "people person" for my business. I am willing to offer 50% of the profit from all projects, and am flexible to structure the relationship as one of a business/corporate ownership where you would own 50% of the business corporate stock, or as one of an employee who receives 50% of all profit after expenses (expenses are negligible, typically less than 1% of en entire budget for a project). The advantage to the ownership relationship is solidity in the ownership of the company and the security that if the company grows to the expectations that I anticipate, you will own 50% of it. The benefits to being merely an employee is legal protection from liability.

The type of projects I do are high-end data management applications that typically sell from established vendors for prices well over $100,000 and up to $2,000,000 in some instances. These applications that I create are mirrors of the functionality of the applications from established vendors, but are designed with only the specific functionality that is need to be used by the client.

Example of a typical client:

The client is considering a replacement for their existing application that manages their Human Resources and employee information. They have reviewed applications from the �ABC Software Company� the �XYZ Software Company� and the �ABC123 Software Company�. All have varying prices that start at $200,000 and go up. The client likes bits and pieces of the functionality of each of the companies' application. Additionally, each application has the ability to accomplish much more than are the client's needs. Many times, the end decision by the client is to purchase an application from one of the companies, and then have it customized to their specific needs either by in-house programmers, and temporary development team from a contract company, or at a premium cost from the vendor company.

The problem with this approach is that the application they are buying has many more features than they will ever make use of, because it is designed to be generic enough to handle the needs of a wide array of industries, and is not specialized to the needs of the specific client. Additionally, even within an industry, each Client manages their business in a slightly different way then other Client's of the same industry. That is why the customizations are often needed. The final outcome for the client under this scenario is that they are married to a software vendor which charges high premiums for annual support, and their application is customized so the support isn't offered for those customized features, and the Client overpaid for the application's initial price because it was designed to accomplish many more features than the Client would ever need.

What I offer my Client's is the same features that they see and like from other Companies' software applications, but developed with only those features and also developed in the custom manner that they are familiar with managing their business. This enables me to develop much more quickly and more accurately. Also, I offer my completed applications at fractions of the cost of other vendors, and offer it completed to their specialized needs so that additional customization isn't required.

A final selling point to all my clients is that the code I develop with is very standardized, and is fully open for review. This enables the client to have many options while using my applications: they can easily grow it by either hiring a staff member of their own employ, contract with almost any consulting firm, or call me back. In almost every case, the client's call me back, primarily because I can accomplish their new needs faster and more effectively than the other options, and almost always less expensively. What makes my development so successful and easy is due to the fact that it is generated from tools hat I have designed for myself, and that generate the code as 100% bug free, every time. Therefore, when I release an application to a Client, it has not once been the case that there needed to be a �bug� fix. Future calls from my Clients are always in reference to adding new features, adjustments to existing features, or specific requests for a specialized report.

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