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I am looking for someone can optimize my 3 html pages. (adult)

These pages are already made in html but html act very strangely. Text title despairing!

What do we exactly ask?

1). Professional work.

2). Includes W3C and support for all types of browsers.

3). Optimize html pages.

4). Able to work immediately! (Bellow you could see what I exactly mean).

5). Make design more detailed.

What do I mean with immediately?

I am not being able to wait 24h for response. When we work professional, we wants to do it in a few hours. When I’ll give specifications for optimize things I would like this change immediately…

The way we would like to work:

1). I’ll write my specifications on document and give access on my temporary ftp.

2). You optimize these pages and upload on my server with ftp password.

3). We are both on meeting by MSN/Yahoo messenger and look live on page!

3). I’m looking immediately and give more specification for optimize if it is need.

4). You should be able to correct some things and upload again immediately.

5). I am look again….

That’s the way I am work…

Please may I ask, only bid when you are professional and could insert correct html, because innerpage should be reload every minute. (Html short as possible).


These are the pages you should optimize, url: www.sexinvlaanderen.be/three_pages/index.htm

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