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130980 AIML XML ALICE web bot creator

Purpose of �Web Clone� � This software's purpose is to allow non-experienced users the ability to easily create AIML-based website bots or personal assistants. The �web clones� standard knowledge (for everyone, unless they decide to start with absolutely nothing � which is not advised) will be based on the AAA files from here: [url removed, login to view] (I have the full list to give to the programmer who is chosen. But, basically - all those files are free and can be downloaded from that site)

For the standard user with no AIML knowledge, I want the first list above to be installed and ready for them. When they are using the interface to start Creating their Web Clone, I want it to start like this:

[url removed, login to view] user opens up the software. The user is then brought to a screen to start a new project or open an existing one. If they start a new Web Clone project, then they will be prompted with options:

-Check this box if you want the web clone to already have a knowledgebase with an intelligent personality and real knowledge of the world and general topics (Standard � this is recommended for all installs)

-Or, check this box if you are an advanced user and want to choose which AIML files the web clone should use, and/or upload your own aiml files (Advanced � recommended for those who are more experienced)

�If the person checks this box � then they will be brought to a page in which they may view all the file names of the AIML files and they can check which ones they want to use for their web clone install. They may also upload AIML files here to further personalize their web clone.

�They can unpublish any of the files or leave them unchecked � but cannot delete them permanently (because I want the files to be there if they need them for future use)

[url removed, login to view] the person completes either the standard or advanced option � then they will be brought to a page which will allow them to enter details of the bots personality. This is done through [url removed, login to view] (please see the bottom of this page for more details: [url removed, login to view] )and they may also add properties if they choose to.

[url removed, login to view] � they are brought to the LEARNING CENTER. In the learning center the person can teach the web clone by asking and answering questions. They may ask and answer ANYTHING they like � and when the answer appears � if it is not as they would like it to be � they may edit it on the spot to fix it up. This is VERY IMPORTANT and this needs to be really easy to use for the non-experienced AIML editor person. So it will look like this:

TOPIC: (Here enter the topic of the conversation, for example: affiliate marketing, SEO, email, work, kids, animals, pets, anything that you would use to classify the topic of the question)

QUESTION (the question a website visitor may ask the web clone):

ANSWER: Standard answer (allow a few blank spaces so the person can optional add another definition)

For example. I insert these details:

TOPIC: web hosting

QUESTION: what is web hosting?

ANSWER: Web hosting is like space online that is used to allow you to have your website on the web � blah blah blah example.

ANSWER 2 (optional): Web hosting is when you rent space online to put your site on the Internet.

ANSWER 3: (optional)

ANSWER 4: (optional)

Followup: (This allows the user to enter an additional sentence which will be inserted into the conversation after the web clone provides the answer) For example: Do you have any more questions about web hosting?

The user should be able to insert as many questions and answers as they please. They need to be sure to insert the topic. They should also be able to create advanced responses by inserting additional info below (usually very useful for YES and NO questions).

For example:

TOPIC: web design

QUESTION: Do I need to know how to design websites?

ANSWER: No, you do not. My e-book explains how you can create a site, if you choose to. Do you want me to tell you how to create a basic site?

If YES, answer: Great. Start out by going to [url removed, login to view] and create a free account. Did you do that?

If NO, answer: Oh ok, nevermind. But you can ask me in the future if you change your mind. I am here to help.

If the answer was yes � you can continue the conversation below:

Next, you can edit the templates or choose a template through the PRESENTATION TAB. Did you find it and do that?

If the answer is yes, say: Ok great. Next do this � yda yada blah blah blah�

If No, say: Ok I can wait. Or do you want to do some other time? If yes, say: No problem we will finish it up later.

If user answers:

YES, say:

NO, say:

The conversation logs could become very long � which is fine � but the interface must look simple and easy to understand when creating these long conversations and viewing them. This seems a little difficult for me to explain here, so please look at [url removed, login to view] and their training interface to see how it works there. I also have used Gaitobot AIML editor (free download, beta version) but it is not user-friendly ENOUGH � which is why we need this interface created for Web clones.

LASTLY, I want the user to have a nice graphical interface for the web bot. For now a basic interface (with no photo or graphic is fine) � just so the person can insert their questions and answers. UNLESS � you as the programmer know someone who can handle this as well or if you can do it that would be excellent. I guess for standard users it would be nice to allow them to choose from several different characters (3d characters) who blink and smile or frown � but do not talk. If the person wants to create one that talks or edit the look of their web clone, they may do so in the html area, etc. but for standard users, they should be able to choose from serveral 3d characters or from vhost characters and integrate them or maybe even upload their photo.

Kĩ năng: Adobe Flash, Bất kì công việc gì, MySQL, Python, Thiết kế trang web, XML

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