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Feedback Option

The feedback option for a project will be available for both the freelancer and employer once a project is completed.

If your project is a fixed-price project, it’s simple. The bid amount needs to be paid in full by the employer. It can also be partially paid and then marked as complete. The project’s status changes to “Completed” on the system and the feedback option becomes available.

For hourly projects, it’s rather different. The option to leave feedback becomes available every time a payment is released. Hourly projects are marked as completed only when the employer ends the project. The project’s status will then change from “In Progress” to “Completed."

You and your freelancer will be able to leave a final feedback for each other, which is the only feedback that gets posted on your profile page.


When one user leaves feedback, the other has 14 days to leave their own feedback. If for some reason the other person is unable to give feedback, the option expires. Only the feedback that was submitted by the first user will be posted on the site.

Here are helpful examples:

  • If the employer leaves feedback for the freelancer, and the freelancer also does the same within 14 days, both feedback are posted on their respective profiles.

  • If the employer leaves feedback and the freelancer is not able to do the same within 14 days, then the freelancer’s option to leave feedback expires. The employer’s feedback for the freelancer would appear on the freelancer’s profile page.

  • The same goes if the freelancer leaves feedback and the employer is not able to do so.

  • If no party leaves feedback within 90 days since it is made available, the option will be removed entirely. No one can leave feedback for the project anymore.


For instances wherein any of the parties is unable to provide feedback within the given time frame, both parties should contact our Support Team to request to have the expired feedback option reactivated. Just scroll down to chat with our Live Support or to Submit a Ticket with your request.

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