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Milestone Payment invoices

For accounting and tax purposes, every Milestone Payment - whether in progress or released - comes with an invoice which can be viewed and downloaded by both the employers and freelancers. The invoice for a Milestone Payment is generated as soon as the Milestone is created.


Invoices for Milestone Payments can be viewed and downloaded on the project view page:


For in progress Milestones, click the drop-down button across the Milestone Payment and choose View Invoice. Invoices for in progress Milestones are marked as Proforma as the payment is not yet transferred to the freelancer.


For released Milestones, click View Invoice across the Milestone Payment. Invoices for released Milestones are marked as Paid.



Employers’ project view page (on the Payments tab):



Freelancers’ project view page (on the Milestones tab):




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