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Transaction History

Knowing how to read your Transaction History is important in understanding your account transactions. You can always visit it to verify the payments you received or made, as well as to check for fees charged to you.


Just hover over your account balance, and select Transaction History to go to the page.




Your transactions will be listed in newest to oldest order by default. Relevant information such as date, transaction description, currency, and amount will be provided.




Transaction Icons


Click the  icon next to a transaction to view its invoice. Click the  icon to find out details about the transaction.



Transaction Currencies


If you have received/paid funds in more than one currency, you can view your transactions per currency separately by selecting the currency you wish to view from the Currency dropdown.




Export Transaction History


You can easily export your transaction history. Just select a date range and the format you want to export to (PDF or CSV), and click Export.



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