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Why Should I Verify My Identity?

We encourage you to verify your identity to market yourself to potential employers as trusted members of the community.

The Know Your Customer Program (KYC) is an identity verification process that ensures a safer online workplace for all users.

Besides the additional security applied to your account when you complete the KYC, you can benefit from the faster processing of withdrawals and faster resolution in the unlikely event of account issues and disputes. Your profile will also be tagged as “Identity Verified,” boosting your credibility in the eyes of potential employers, which means you will have a higher chance of winning high-quality projects.


You may complete the voluntary KYC at any time, but as we deem necessary to uphold our Terms and Conditions, may also request that you verify your identity in case you need to do the following:

  • Choose to withdraw your earnings through Wire.

  • Change the phone number registered on your account.

  • Add another layer of security to your account.

KYC has three stages: Proof of Identity, Keycode Verification, and Proof of Address. We will collect documents such as a valid government-issued ID (as proof of your identity) and a utility bill (as your proof of address).

You may verify your identity now.

Here is the list of the acceptable documents for you to complete the KYC.

You can check the status of your KYC on the Verification Center. We will communicate the status of your verification on that page.

To know more about the Know Your Customer Program, click here.

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