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Releasing a Milestone Payment partially

You can release a portion of a manually created Milestone Payment to freelancers. You do not need to initiate a dispute every time the Milestone Payment amount needs to be updated.

Releasing a portion of an in progress Milestone Payment is recommended in the following scenarios:


 ●  when you need to divide a large amount of Milestone Payment


 ●  when both parties agreed to a lower amount of payment


 ●  when the project scope has changed, or when you decide to end the project but your freelancer has to be paid for the work they have done so far



To partially release a Milestone Payment, follow these steps:


     1.  From your project’s Payments tab, click the Release button across the Milestone that you want to partially release.


     2.  Enter the amount that you want to release.


     3.  Click Release.




Note: The remaining amount from the original Milestone Payment will be left in the In Progress Milestone status as shown in the image below. You may ask your freelancer to cancel it, if needed.


Automatic Milestone Payments on hourly projects cannot be partially released.

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