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Saving your favorites with Lists

Save your time from digging through your old projects just to find that freelancer or client you want to work with again. Lists is designed to make your favorite users accessible for you in just a click. It lets you save an unlimited number of users under your Favorites list or in your personalized list.





How it works


     1. Find a username via the Freelancer Search page; or go to their profile.


     2. Click  across the name of the freelancer in the search results or in their profile.


     3. Choose the list where you want to save the person’s name. By default, you have the Favorites list. Click +New list to save in a custom list. Provide a name and description should you prefer a new list and click Save



As shown in the image above, you can save a username in multiple lists should you want to. People you saved in your list(s) will have this icon  in their profile and in their search card. Clicking the heart icon again will let you modify the list they belong to or remove them from your list(s) completely.



2 ways to find Lists


To get to the My Lists page, hover over Manage in the Main Menu bar, and click any list you have or the View All link.




You can also get there by clicking the Lists button found in the Freelancer Search page.




From the Lists page, you can manage all your created lists and the people saved under each list. Check the Managing Lists article for more details.

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