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Withdrawing earned funds

Freelancers can withdraw their earnings from projects and contests through any of these methods:

Note that the availability of these withdrawal methods depends on your country. And depending on your chosen withdrawal method, KYC verification may be required from you to be able to withdraw.
Except for Wire transfer, you can start withdrawing at a minimum of $30 USD with no withdrawal fee.
When you are ready to withdraw, follow the steps below. Make sure to use your own withdrawal account details. And for the address field, use your physical address. Address in/containing P.O Box is not accepted.

1.  Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar. Then, choose Withdraw funds.


2.  Select your preferred method to receive your earnings, and provide the details required for your selected withdrawal method.


3.  Indicate how much you wish to withdraw and in what currency. 


4.  Click Withdraw Funds to submit your request.




To validate your request, a verification code will be sent to your phone number everytime you file a withdrawal. After successfully entering the correct code, a Pending Withdrawals section, where you will see the details and status of your withdrawal, will appear in the Withdrawals page.



Cut-off and Processing Times


For first withdrawals, it takes 15 days to clear your account before your withdrawal request is processed. Subsequent withdrawal requests will then follow these cut-off and processing times:


5 PM on Sunday EDT (New York time) or 7 AM on Monday AEST (Sydney time)

   To be processed Monday (New York time) or Tuesday (Sydney time)


5 PM on Wednesday EDT (New York time) or 7 AM on Thursday AEST (Sydney time)

   To be processed Thursday (New York time) or Friday (Sydney time)


You can take advantage of the Daily Withdrawal Requests benefit with the following criteria:

        When you upgrade your membership to Plus, Professional, or Premier, and 


        When you have at least one (1) withdrawal request successfully processed before.


Note that only one withdrawal request can be processed at a time. If you attempt to submit a new withdrawal request while the first one is still to be processed, you will need to cancel the existing request so you can submit a new one with your desired amount and withdrawal method.

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