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PayPal Withdrawals

PayPal withdrawal is one of the most widely used withdrawal methods on our site, as users usually receive their funds within a day of us processing the withdrawal.





     1.  Complete the verification process required by PayPal. Log in to your PayPal account, and complete the PayPal verification process here.*


     2.  Add your PayPal account as a verified payment method on the site:

          •  Log in to your account.

          •  Hover over your account balance on top of the page, and select Verify Payment Method.

          •  Click Add PayPal Account.

          •  Follow the on-screen instructions.


     3.  Your account must be KYC verified.


Once these are done, submit your withdrawal request.



What should I do if I'm still unable to submit a PayPal withdrawal request?


 Make sure that you are trying to withdraw at least $50 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). 


If you have verified your PayPal account but you are still prompted to verify it, try to re-verify it:

     1.  Click your display picture icon on the top right part of your account, and select Settings.

     2.  Select the Payment & Financials tab.

     3.  Hover over the PayPal account that you wish to re-verify, and click the x icon next to it.

     4.  Click +Payment Method.

     5.  Click Add PayPal Account.


Contact PayPal Support for assistance if you are getting this message:


PayPal does not allow withdrawals to [ your country ] unless the account has the "Auto Sweep" feature turned on. Please ensure the "Auto Sweep" feature is enabled in your PayPal account.


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