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Withdrawal statuses

Requested withdrawals undergo status changes. Refer to this list for details:

  • Pending: The request has been sent but is not yet processed. Refer to the cut-off and processing times below to schedule your request.
  • Delayed: The funds will take 15 days to clear before processing. This applies to first-time withdrawals. Subsequent withdrawals will then follow the normal processing times below.
  • Verified: The request has passed verification. It will be processed on the dates indicated on your Pending Withdrawals table.
  • Processing: The request is being processed. Once processed, the funds being withdrawn will be sent to your chosen withdrawal method. Read more here for the time frames after withdrawal processing. 


Cut-off and Processing Schedules

  • 5 PM on Sunday EDT (New York time) or 7 AM on Monday AEST (Sydney time)
    • To be processed Monday (New York time) or Tuesday (Sydney time)
  • 5 PM on Wednesday EDT (New York time) or 7 AM on Thursday AEST (Sydney time)
    • To be processed Thursday (New York time) or Friday (Sydney time)


If your request remains unprocessed past the indicated processing date, do not cancel it to submit a new one. Scroll down and click Contact Us so we can check.


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