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The Rising Stars Program

Freelancers who show a strong potential, even without client feedback yet, can apply for the Rising Stars program. These freelancers will be supported for their continuous success on the platform providing them increased visibility and resources to help build their career on

These are the qualifications to apply and be in the program:

- KYC Verified
- Email verified
- Phone verified
- Verified by Freelancer
- Completed the Freelancer Orientation exam
- High-quality profile
- Account is penalty-free
Rising Stars will have this badgedisplayed on their profile. This badge will be visible to clients, signaling that the freelancer is a promising new talent with potential for great work.

Aside from the Rising Stars badge, these are the other benefits of being a Rising Star:
- increased visibility in the Browse page results,
- personalized tips and advice from our Talent team,
- a one-time bonus of 25 free bids,
- faster response times from Rising Stars Support.

Take note that Rising Stars are expected to graduate from the program as they gain more experience, establish their profile, and get enough client feedback. Once a freelancer graduates from being a Rising Star, they become eligible for the Preferred Freelancer Program, which is a more comprehensive measure of their performance on the platform. 

When they are finally a Preferred Freelancer, the Rising Stars badge on their profile will be replaced by the Preferred Freelancer badge.

Be part of our Rising Stars Program! Email us at

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