Chúng tôi có thể giúp bạn bằng cách nào?

Chat Request from Clients

The Chat Request feature allows clients and freelancers to discuss the project before starting work. As a freelancer, this gives you a time to assess the work and determine if you want to proceed with the project.


How to view a client’s chat request?


Chat requests will show up in the “Requests” tab which can be seen both in your message list and in your inbox.

To take action, open the message and choose whether to Decline or Accept the request.

Declining a chat request will mute and archive the conversation but you can take back this action anytime by finding the thread in your archived folder.

If you choose to accept the request, you can reply to the client so they can freely message you. Encourage your client to provide details about the project they have in mind. Once you have enough information and would like to work on the project, you can send them a Quote by clicking the Create Quote button on the chat window.

As always, use your best judgment when responding to chat requests. If you suspect someone may be trying to scam you, click the Block button to prevent them from messaging you.

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