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Hiring Locally

Local Jobs allow you to hire freelancers within the proximity of your project, whether you are looking for help in repairing home electrical wiring or in landscaping the yard of your vacation house in another country.


To post a Local Job, follow these steps:


1. Click Browse from the main menu, and select Local Projects under Discover our Products.


2. Answer the question, "What would you like to get done?". Then, click Get Free Quotes. Your answer to the question will be the default title of your project. It can be changed once you are directed to the Post a Project page.


3. Update your project title, if needed as it will easily tell freelancers what the project is about.


4. Add a detailed description for what you need done. You can upload files that can help explain your project further.


5. Add up to five (5) local skills*. Here are a few local skills you can choose from.

*If a non-local skill is added, the option to specify your project location will not appear, and the project will no longer be tagged as Local.


6. Choose Post a Project > Yes, local job.


7. Enter your location. If the work to be done is in your area, click Detect My Location. Otherwise, type in the specific location.


8. Select the appropriate project type (fixed-price or hourly)


9. Set your budget range and currency.


10. Choose between Standard project and Recruiter project.


You may also add optional upgrades other than Recruiter by clicking the Show Advanced Options.


11. You will be presented a summary of your project. Click Yes, Post My Project after reviewing your project details.


A Local Job Recruiter will get in touch with you through chat once your Local Job is posted. They will assist you in selecting the best local freelancer for your project and help you understand how our payment system works.

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