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Bid Upgrades

We have three bid upgrades you can choose from to get the clients’ attention and for a higher chance of winning projects.





Pin your bid on top of the bid list for the clients to see immediately. Each project only allows one Sponsored bid, which means that it is on a first-come, first-served basis.


You can sponsor your bid for 0.75% of your bid amount or $4.99 USD (whichever is higher), for a maximum of $19.99 USD.





Keep your bid details hidden from other freelancers, preventing your bid from being copied. Only you and the client will be able to view the details of your bid. Upgrading only costs $0.10 USD. 





Make your bid stand out from the list of bidders by highlighting it in yellow. The Highlight bid price will be determined by the project’s budget range. Each project only allows up to five Highlighed bids.



You can use all the bid upgrades at once.


You can always edit your bid and add the upgrades that you wish to add. On the Proposals tab of the project's page, click Edit to update your bid. Once you are done editing your bid, click Update bid


Note: The bid upgrades are set in USD regardless of the currency of the project budget. The bid upgrade fees are non-refundable.


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