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Paying hourly projects

Similar to fixed-price projects, work on hourly projects is paid through Milestone Payments. In hourly projects, however, Milestone Payments are automatically generated.



How automatic Milestones are generated


If weekly billing is set up, an invoice will be will be created for your freelancer's tracked work hours every Monday in the client's timezone.


Work hours not logged by the Freelancer Desktop App (i.e. offline work), if any, can be manually tracked by your freelancer before the next Milestone is generated for them to be paid.

The amount set on the Milestone cannot be edited as it is automatically generated based on the tracked hours.



How automatic Milestones are released


The Milestone Payment created on Monday will be automatically released every Wednesday in the client's timezone, provided that the weekly billing is enabled and there are no issues with your verified payment method. The invoice associated with the Milestone Payment will be marked as Paid



Note: Creating Milestone Payments manually is recommended in the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with your verified payment method.

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