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Sending a Chat Request to Freelancers

Are you looking to hire a freelancer directly but can’t find the “Hire Me” button in their profile? Don’t fret! We have a new feature which allows you to communicate with the freelancer first before hiring them for a project. 

Payment verified clients will see the “Contact” button in place of “Hire Me” in the freelancer’s profile, if they are actively bidding on projects. This feature allows you to (1) Request Quote or (2) send a chat request so you can discuss the project with the freelancer before diving into the actual project.

This button will be visible only if you do not have a chat with the freelancer from a previous project, otherwise, the direct hire option will be shown to you.

Clicking the dropdown just beside the "Contact" button will show you the “Recommend” option. Meanwhile, clicking the "Contact" button itself will show you two options: Request Quote and Chat.

     The Request Quote option will lead you to create a Quote for the freelancer. You can indicate the details of the project you want to hire them for.

     The Chat option will open a chatbox where you can send a message to the freelancer. This is a great way for you to communicate with the freelancer about your project requirements; they can send you a Quote as soon as they are ready to start working on a project with you. 

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